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I am calling Western Digital customer support to inquire about the hard drive in my device. I have had it for four years and have maxed out my 1TB partition meaning I can no longer use storage on it.

- Adina Beverlie

I have a Western Digital Passport External Hard drive that I have used for storing data for a few years now. Recently my computer reported the hard drive as not being functional. I am calling Western Digital customer support to see how I can fix this issue, but if that is not possible, then I will be requesting an RMA to return the hard drive and get it replaced with a new one. *

- Theodosia Corenda

[the] ​Western Digital customer support number I called last evening.

- Hailee Brittany

This message is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. I am [Your Name] calling to Western Digital customer support at [your telephone number]. My case number is [case number], and I have a brief description of my issue. First, I’d like to inform you that

- Etty Indira

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- Alana Dorthea

Please hold while I transfer your call to the appropriate extension. I am sorry for any ivetencies you have experienced in attempting to reach Western Digital technical support.

- Marcia Gayleen

I purchased a Western Digital external hard drive, model # WDG1T0040JCH-NESN and in less than two years it was dead. I didn't have the warranty card on hand but their website indicated that I still had some warranty time left. The service representative transferred me to customer support and got the runaround from them. He then handed me over to an oversea department of whom he could not understand clearly what they were saying.

- Flor Freida

I want to reach Western Digital support to easily find my answer, or chat online with someone who can help me on my journey. I need to get back to making more memories...

- Belia Madel

The Western Digital My Book hard drive is a stylish and innovative way of storing your data. It’s designed to bring an element of style and elegance to any desk, giving you ample space for your important files. This 2TB external hard drive comes in black, and features a USB 2.0 connection for rapid data transfer. I want to reach Western Digital support by dialing the Support number- 1-844-758-1228

- Ramona Jenilee

Western Digital customer service. My hard drive is not reading, I want to speak with someone about that. I'm near a cemetery and there's a lot of dead people around here and I don't know what it means. Can you help me?

- Kylynn Jesselyn

Western Digital Support, Inc. is the designated support entity of the WD Group of companies. Our mission is to exceed your expectations for collaboration, innovation and customer satisfaction. More than 50 years ago, we became a Western Digital company and began designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most innovative storage products. We have earned our place as a market leader in desktop, mobile computing, network solutions and home entertainment storage products. If you need assistance with your WD products, please visit our support site at http://support.wdc.com/

- Noellyn Clara

If you are unable to find what you need on our website or have higher support needs, please call us at: 1-800-WD-WESTERN (1-800-937-9376) Monday - Friday 6AM – 6PM Pacific Time (GMT -08:00). You can also contact us by submitting an online contact form. If your Western Digital product is under warranty, please provide the serial number of your product when you contact us. Our customer care representatives will work with you to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

- Star Rowe

We're here to help if you ever have a question. Contact Western Digital support using our contact us page. https://support.wdc.com/wdstore/jsp/contact_us.jsp? Getting Started with Productive Computing

- Tatiania Esma

This is a knowledge base that deals with Western Digital storage and the My Book drives located at: Http://support.wdc.com/product/kbjump?lang=en#

- Cinda Petronilla

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