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Walmart Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Walmart

I want to reach Visa support to report a missing card.

- Aliza Florance

If you want to reach Visa support, just press the key and it stops recording.

- Adelle Catherin

When you reach Visa support, let the agent know that you are interested in a product or requesting a service, and that a W-9 is required for the company to provide the service. You should then follow up with an email requesting the W-9 form.

- Heath Vin

Get the support you need, precisely when you need it. It's easy with the new Visa Contactless Mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Download it today and enjoy convenient features like Quick Balance, contactless payment, and access to Visa Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Welcome to the Visa family.

- Kylila Penny

Please contact Visa to let them know that we have no access to online support. We are having difficulty signing into the visa website with our account numbers and were told by an agent that we need consumer relations' help. I have contacted them four times with did not help. the link below is attached to this email.

- Georgeanne Sherill

Many parents call Visa Support after a child goes missing. They fear that their child has been trafficked or lured by potential predators. The cardholder's billing statements and activity can provide essential information to law enforcement and parents. When you report an unauthorized use of your card or account, we will be able to take action based on the available details

- Karlotta Malena

Contact Visa support using the widget below. You will be redirected to Visa's website, and may need to log into your Visa account. Enter the information you see on the widget, then click Submit.

- Devonne Eulalie

I am calling Walmart customer support to get assistance with my order. How may I direct your call?

- Franky Drucy

I am calling Walmart customer support to ask a question about my order. Im going to place this call from my phone, but I want to be able to pull the plug when I need to so that Id better hear what youre saying.

- Karel Ivory

I am calling Walmart customer support to inquire about a meat slicer I purchased at your store. The packaging says that it comes with three steel blades but mine only came with one. I would like to receive the additional two blades and I will not be returning the product but exchanging it for another model if this is not possible.

- Ophelia Oralia

I am calling Walmart customer support to inquire about the service I received at the dentist office when my wisdom tooth was extracted.

- Matilde Charmion

Find out how easy it is to call Walmart’s friendly customer support team. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day.

- Bertie Betsey

As a Walmart customer, I really enjoy the ease of shopping online from my computer and then having my order shipped to my home. After being pleased with my online experience for so many years, I was surprised by the other day when I called Walmart`s customer support number, and wasn`t able to get any help. I will definitely think twice before ordering online again! '''''''''''''''''''

- Bathsheba Lilias

When you need help in a hurry, turn to our associates. There is no need to call around and search for the number to customer support for Wal-mart online retail stores. Simply go to Customer Service Contact Us page and fill out the simple form to get in touch with a Wal-Mart customer support representative. You can ask questions about your account, make changes, track orders, create returns, place a return request and more. On average, it takes just two minutes to fill out the form and provide your contact information. On some issues, you may be required to leave your name, email

- Tildie Aurel

I want to reach Walmart support to ask about warranty work on an entertainment center I purchased for $345.15. I tried using the 800 number, but it doesn't work. I have called 4 times already and it is always busy. I want my money back or a replacement item!

- Bathsheba Elna

I want to reach Walmart Grocery support. How do I do that? Contact Us selection should not bring you here. You can call us at 1-800-WALMART and select option 2 or give us a call at our corporate office number 1-800-331-0057.

- Kristin Lynett

Attached below is a list of Walmart numbers and 24/7 contact numbers you can use to reach Walmart support directly from the call center.

- Kelila Rhodie

Use this convenient, complimentary service to contact Walmart support for assistance with online shopping, store locations and services near you, and more.

- Jolene Zia

I am writing to you today in regards to some concerns I have with the product that I have bought recently and some concerns that I have about the way Walmart is handling this product.

- Diannne Ambur

Getting in touch with us is easy. All you have to do is contact your local Walmart store and they will pass your message on to us. You can also call our Contact Centre direct, where our team will be ready to help you Monday–Friday 9am-5pm.

- Tabbatha Stacie

With the Walmart app, you can now manage your orders on Apple TV and AirPlay to your Apple TV. You can also search through product specifications, seek answers to frequently asked questions or chat with customer service.

- Mireille Velvet

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