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Reasons other customers are calling Kroger

I am calling Kroger customer support to report the manager and why would I use your app.

- Eloise Bekki

I am calling Kroger customer support to find out how to get a refund for the purchase of a product. I am holding, waiting for a supervisor.

- Tyne Loren

I am calling Kroger customer support to discuss an issue with the security breach on their app. That is what you might think if you read the description below for this ad on Google AdWords. It highlights the dreaded breach, but also pulls in key branding with the Kroger name and highlights other positive features like ‘discuss’ phoned into 800-576-4377.

- Michell Corri

I am calling Kroger customer support to try and get a ticket refunded. I had two toys called the horseman and said that he could only be played in the multiplayer tournament, when I came back online with them it said they were both level 5. The tournament was a level 20 multiplayer tournament and I had wanted to play it today since I wanted to unlock the rest of the characters via leveling up. Yes, I know you can level up regular characters but my time is limited and these were new characters so it was easier for me to play this online tournament.

- Leelah Perrine

Thank you for calling Kroger customer support. Please listen to the following options: New Grocery Shoppe Centers, New Foodland Centers, Kroger Instore Solutions, Smart Phone Applications, Current Customers. Please select one of the above options or Mr. Bill will be happy to take your call.'''

- Gunilla Erinn

Please note that this transcript may not match what you hear when you call or chat. Please listen carefully to the options provided so you can choose the best one for your issue and then follow the prompts to continue.` `I am calling about an order I placed with delivery from Kroger Grocery, and there's a problem.` `I am calling regarding my ` `The service will be available at participating stores with participating Instacart accounts, for an additional charge of $5.99 per order, except on your first order. You will be notified if an item is unavailable for same day delivery. Delivery times

- Mina Rycca

Kroger Contact Information: (877) 463-4438 Kroger Customer Service

- Aile Samara

The I want to reach Kroger Support to link is designed with

- Norean Cynthy

I want to reach Kroger support to discuss my issue, and I want to log in to my account. I'm at the grocery store, and I can be reached at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. My Kroger password is XXXX (#

- Josy Harli

I want to reach Kroger support to resolve my issue with a gift card. I wish to also make sure that they receive this feedback.

- Pepita Barbette

Call or chat with a distant Kroger customer support. Click the link below for additional information.

- Luci Marie

Caudwell Children, the UK’s leading disability charity, needs your support to help as many children as possible. Kroger can help make a difference by giving 1% of shoppers’ baskets until 1st July; visit to sign up to I Help, and you could also win £50 every time you shop!'''

- Lonni Georgette

Connect with the Kroger Customer Service Center by phone or email—Mon-Thurs, 8:00am to 6:00pm ET and Fri, 8:00am to 5:30pm ET at 1-800-KROGERS. Please have your packaged product available when you call.

- Greer Elvina

When you have questions, it’s time to go above and beyond. With the Kroger app you can get instant support from our award-winning associates who can help with every aspect of your life at our stores. Use the store locator to find a nearby location and start shopping!

- Margarette Janenna