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Rite Aid Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Rite Aid

My I am calling Rite Aid customer support to ask about the crazy long wait times after getting the customer service list, “Hi! My phone keeps dropping its internet connection. Is there anything you can do to help?

- Viv Melly

I am calling Rite Aid customer support to try and resolve a problem: order confirmation number, medications involved, purpose of call, etc. Before you call the pharmacy

- Aloysia Gusta

I am calling Rite Aid customer support to find out if I can get my Rite Aid ExtraCare card refunded if I hand it in at a different Rite Aid than the one I got it from.

- Marty Chiarra

I am calling Rite Aid customer support... to give them feedback on my last in store experience. I love pharmacy's because they are efficient, clean and the employees are usually nice. It is worth not leaving the house for. I think there need's to be more personal franchise. Have a greeting system at pharmacy's. That is where we see people every week or month so if you see peoples faces it would be nice to say hello. Rite Aid doesn't seem like they have a hard time having new location/store opening in the public eye but in all recent store time myself and other Rite Aid customers have had

- Amalia Jerrilee

My order is lost, call Rite Aid customer support. The phone was answered after a long wait. I asked to talk to someone who could help me find my order. - "I can't help you if you don't know your order number," the representative said. I was on hold for another long wait, then transferred to the warehouse in California, which means a much longer wait, she was handling two other customers in addition to me. After she checked everything fully I learned that my order was probably lost! Let me see what my options are and so on... I also remember from the call to them earlier that they

- Philis Adrian

Accidentally deleted your order with Rite Aid and want to retrieve it? Or, are you looking for a job with Rite Aid and need to call the customer service line to apply for one? You can call Rite Aid at the number below, or pay a higher fee to speak directly with Rite Aid customer support by using the chat option.

- Daisy Cornela

This will be my fourth time calling Rite Aid about this problem. The previous three of these calls resulted in no progress towards a resolution. I am holding for Cory, our store manager. It is now 3:19pm on Sunday, October 18th, and I have been on hold for over 1 hour and 12 minutes so far

- Fey Cris