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One-stop I am calling Gilead Sciences customer support to get clarity with my latest cocktail killer. What's going on? It sure is difficult to focus under the latest chemo head-trip. I shouldn't have let my oncologist talk me into that experimental combo of Abraxane and Letairis. Life used to be so straightforward, but now this nausea has become a daily ritual. My objectives are getting harder to achieve, even though I'm willing to work hard for them. My mental fog is getting so bad, I am totally lost in all these chemo side effects.

- Diana Donnamarie

I am calling Gilead Sciences customer support to side effects, information on drug side effects and using your insurance for a Free doctor visit and free prescription at a neighborhood pharmacy or mail order pharmacy for most health insurance plans

- Hatti Laurianne

I am calling Gilead Sciences customer support to ask about Sovaldi. I was recently diagnosed with hepatitis C and need information on the drug so I can tell my doctor. Please let the person I reach know that I am planning to speak with my doctor about getting Sovaldi, so please make sure they have enough time to go over the information with me.

- Audry Francoise

Commentary: I am calling Gilead Sciences customer support to request assistance with my Vistide prescription. The phone number listed on the Vistide bottle is no longer operational. Therefore, I will need a new pharmacy call center number so that I may reach an agent directly.

- Linea Bibbie

Ask about PrEP, Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a way to help prevent HIV infection if you are at risk. Call 1-866-737-6793." Wait for the options 1-866-737-6793, 20 minutes later on hold and finally ask the question about PrEP. "You have been calling Gilead customer service for a half hour and we are now closed. Please call back tomorrow when our support staff will be available." ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________ Hello Internet, My name is Peter Wallace, I am a composer who has a work

- Jeane Wendye

Contact customer support and portfolio browsing for Gilead Sciences, Inc., including earnings results, competitor comparisons, news releases and SEC filings. I am an existing customer of Gilead Sciences, Inc. I am a prospective customer of Gilead Sciences, Inc. Learn more about this product or service »

- Davita Lindsey

Hey, It's Phil from Gilead Sciences, how are you today?

- Jobi Josselyn

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