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Sun Life Financial Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Sun Life Financial

I am calling Sun Life Financial customer support to get help about my investment. I’m calling Sun Life on the phone number listed on their website. I’m placing a call from an unknown number to reach the company directly.

- Zandra Madelaine

I call Sun Life Financial customer support to check on my snorkelling gear claim.

- Donielle Margette

Contact Sun Life Financial customer support representatives right away to stay on top of your finances. Focused on your desires, the I am calling feature helps you find what you need without having to search.

- Maryjo Vivian

Hii am calling sun life insurance customer support to talk about my claims and my plans. Hi, this is Dimple from SunLife. Thanks for choosing to call us today. How may I assist you? Okay, thank you for contacting sunlife insurance today.

- Rosabelle Yasmin

Find all the answers to your questions and more by calling 1-if you're a customer. . . . . Sun Life Financial customer support is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find contact information and get our help today 1-! Sun Life Financial Inc. is dedicated to satisfying our customers' needs every time they invest with us.

- Lilli Linnea

call a long distance customer support number to get some information about my insurance

- Loella Zoe

Hello, My name is Matt and I am looking for a Sun Life Financial representative to talk about life insurance.

- Coreen Lisbeth

I want to reach Sun Life Financial support to ask how I can get my main idea, my travel plan, financed. Why is it so difficult to reach Sun Life Financial customer service by phone when I've tried a bunch of times?

- Malena Sherill

I want to reach support, enter my information in the form below. Then the support system will respond.

- Ollie Ginger

Contact Sun Life Financial support to receive help on products obtained directly from Sun Life. If you are a Sun Life Financial insurance customer who is having questions regarding coverage, payments, or services offered by your operator, please contact these organizations directly.

- Tricia Kate

Hi, my name is XXXX. I am calling on ______ to offer my support in Sun Life Financial's upcoming mobile banking app.

- Linnie Vanni

This app gives you instant access to Sun Life Financial's customer service and delivers a faster, more personalized support experience. Key features include: * Contact Support or your dedicated Team Lead directly with one touch * Get the status of your case with our easy-to-use dashboard * Use your profile to provide information that is automatically stored on your device for faster support * Receive notifications about the progress of your case at a glance

- Jordain Wilmette

You want an insurance company with experience, sound financials, and a dedicated support team you can trust.You face life’s unexpected events, so you don't need to face them alone. Sun Life Financial has the insurance expertise needed to help you choose the products that best suit your needs. Visit or call 1-800-361-5653 for the help you need today.

- Anderea Flore

We want your experience with Sun Life to be a connection that inspires you, encourages you, and gives you confidence in our company, enriching and enhancing your future. Whether you are speaking with a customer service representative or dealing with an issue online, we want to make sure your experience is clear and completes. We've made it easy to find the information you need on topics such as health insurance*, life insurance, annuities, and investment strategies.

- Elita Cristin