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PepsiCo Customer Service
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I am calling PepsiCo customer support to inquire about a purchase that I made today. The representative asks me for the Product Code that's printed on the back. I can't find it, but I see instructions on Page 3 of the receipt. Picking up my new phone, I scan the code and realize that's not how you learn how to use your new phone-you have to read instructions, right? Not anymore. Thanks to TalkBack on my new Google Pixel XL, which was just purchased today at Best Buy, I can start using my new phone by running my finger along the screen in all four directions and

- Eran Dania

I am calling PepsiCo customer support to request a refund

- Inessa Ardene

I am calling PepsiCo customer support to inquire about a product and/or product inquiry. My call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

- Elyse Lotty

Call PepsiCo customer support. You'll reach one of the clearest,

- Lorain Ellie

Find PepsiCo customer support and dial the number on your screen by looking through our phone directory. Click to go back to index

- Fayth Johna

Are you calling for customer support from PepsiCo? On average, the wait time for calling customer service is 4 minutes, but for most specific questions or technical support, rely on our live chat option. Do you have any questions about PepsiCo's business and products? Find what you're looking for right here.

- Anna-diane Jacinthe

Your PepsiCo Customer Support Phone Number is: 1(XXX) XXX-XXXX. You may also email the team directly at To find your local PepsiCo customer service office phone number, go to and click on "Contact Us".

- Norine Valera

I want to reach PepsiCo support to find out if their own system is down.

- Illa Valma

1877.888.737.7253 : Call @@@@@@@ : PepsiCo customer service number. :

- Liesa Allyn

We have created a new way for our customers to reach us, as easy as 1,2,3. Our main number is 877-337-7342 and if you push any button it will take you straight to one of our available agents. We have also incorporated email capabilities into this IVR system so customers can send us an email from the comfort of their own home without having to wait for someone to answer the phone. We hope you enjoy this new feature and being able to easily access PepsiCo services at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.

- Bill Mab

I have been on the phone with 5 different people including your 800 number and still can’t get a question answered. I really need your help today. My name is John Smith and I need to reach someone at your PepsiCo corporate offices at 1-800-986-7482 or email:

- Grissel Kerri

Say hello to PepsiCo with the Support app. With the all new Support app you can get all our hot promotions, ask questions provided by our PepsiCo Product Experts, shop our stores for gift cards and rewards and even place an order for food and beverages. If you have an issue with your purchase or a concern about your food, you can also shoot them over via private chat!

- Nikkie Zabrina

The Pepsum Highloop phone number is available when a customer calls in to reach PepsiCo. It’s an automated system. This allows a customer to quickly reach the correct PepsiCo department needed. Customers who are currently drinking PepsiCo soft drinks will automatically be directed to the current promotion of their selected brand of soda. Other customers will receive information on all the different soda brands offered by PepsiCo.

- Amabel Ali

Help you with your queries, we have set up this live chat facility. You may type in your query and the chat operator will assist you from there. Thank you for choosing PepsiCo and we look forward to serving you.

- Dulcie Corina