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I am calling Microchip Technology customer support to request assistance in programming the microcontroller that

- Erminia Melicent

I am calling Microchip Technology customer support to see whether I can get more information regarding their Capacitive Touch Module product."

- Felicia Bethena

I am calling Microchip Technology customer support to resolve an issue with my microcontroller. I need the most secure method to resolve any issues with my product, while maintaining a professional image for myself and my company based on the issues I am encountering. No matter what option is suggested by the customer service representative, I will communicate my dissatisfaction and remind them of the importance of the security of my information.

- Teddy Louisette

I am calling Microchip Technology customer support to let them know how wonderfully helpful your adviser was. She is the first representative I have spoken to that actually sounded as if she knew what she was talking about and more importantly she solved my problem. Kudos to you and your training program on getting all of your representatives to take the time needed to explain technical terms in non-technical language.

- Glynis Flossy

I AM CALLING MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I'm ready for an account manager. Q&A with management. I am prepared to take notes.''

- Nadiya Lanna

Microchip Technology Customer Support provides technical support for the following: microcontrollers; semiconductors; dsPIC™ Digital Signal Controllers; PIC® microcontrollers; dsPIC30F, PIC24F, dsPIC33F devices; Analog to Digital converters (ADC); Linear and Digital Converters (DAC), Real Time Clocks, Serial EEPROMS™, microperipherals and software tools

- Goldina Cacilia

I want to reach Microchip Technology support to ... Get more product details

- Julianna Lola

I want to reach Microchip Technology support to report a problem with my Microchip product. I want to report another type of problem. I want to contact Microchip Customer Support Other Ways?

- Rey Myra

You can reach Microchip Technology Support through these locations to assist with Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) requests for all Products mentioned. If you have a question of any type, please use our contact form at www.microchip.com/asp/contact.asp The following chart identifies the correct website or e-mail address in your region: EU Contacts:

- Mufinella Dore

Please note that this will not work for support from Microchip Technology Customer support. For more information visit: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/Support_At_A_Glance.pdf

- Sam Charil

Select this item to get case-sensitive, precise answers to your technical questions from a live Microchip Technology expert. This option will initiate a chat session with a Technical Support Engineer. Click here

- Kaycee Federica

You can take advantage of our world-wide technical support by contacting Microchip Technology 24/7 at www.microchip.com or by calling us 888-262-7798 (option 3).

- Wendye Lynnett

Each of our products is backed by our technical support team and more than 20 years of expertise. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and your success with Microchip technology. We want you to succeed! Contact us by phone or e-mail, web chat, or U.S. mail to request white papers, data sheets, application notes, training material and software tools.

- Clary Andee

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