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Union Pacific Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Union Pacific

Hello, my name is Alex. I am calling Union Pacific customer support to request a new book one-way ticket for the next train departing from San Diego to Anaheim tomorrow morning. The following is my information:

- Aretha Faustine

Call Union Pacific customer support to get immediate answers to all your questions about our services. Press 1 for general information and press 4 for a customer service representative.

- Ingeborg Joeann

Call Union Pacific support directly from the app and view your active support cases. You can also take a picture, enter more information, or update status. When you view details on a case, see everything from the case number to who is working on it. Another helpful feature is the ability to call a friend using the app's phone dialer.

- Joni Steffi

Express your appreciation for the help you got from our agents at Union Pacific. Let us know how we’re doing – - whether it was a long-distance call, or just a call to your local station – - and tell us how we can improve.

- Joan Therine

Hey, Union Pacific. This is Brian Kilmeade here from Fox and Friends. I need to chat with someone about my train line commute from New York to Washington. I'm fed up. Anything but another voice menu! Come on, UP, put a flesh-and-blood person on the line.

- Susette Helsa

In response to a recent 6% fuel surcharge, Union Pacific has instituted a new Customer Service Fund. As part of this new program, all Union Pacific freight revenues generated from the shipment of freight across your Railroad will be contributed to the fund. On behalf of Union Pacific, I would like to thank you for choosing Union Pacific to handle your shipments.

- Starlin Jade

I want to reach Union Pacific support to check about my train

- Leela Veronika

I have been trying to reach Union Pacific support and have been unsuccessful for the last week. This is very frustrating because I am unable to reach anybody who can help me solve my problem. The phone number that the website referred me to only answered with a reference number...

- Casandra Maressa

Reach your Union Pacific support representative quickly and easily right here online. This site shows you where to go when seeking answers, whether that’s in a Union Pacific Operated station, or at Union Pacific headquarters.

- Bridgette Karoline

There are several ways to contact Union Pacific customer service. We suggest you call us directly at 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245). Our customer service agents are available weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.

- Charlena Blondie

Simply touch the UP logo on the application to automatically launch a call to Union Pacific’s RailConnect customer service. From helping you reconnect your trailer in case of emergency to troubleshooting any issues, we’re here for you.

- Winonah Maridel

At Union Pacific, we are proud to be the No. 1 provider of Hadoop infrastructure products in

- Brear Cathrin

Whether you want to speak with a train crew, check out the latest UP news or just browse through our comprehensive route information, our support team may be just a click or call away. You may reach us by � �� [telephone] � �� [email]

- Stevena Donni

How does this service work?
  1. When you press “Call Now” we'll call you immediately and connect you to the customer service number.
  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.