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Cinemark Holdings Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have Cinemark Holdings Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


Cinemark Holdings Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling Cinemark Holdings

I am calling Cinemark Holdings customer support to see if they will give me back my money for the ticket that I bought that never expires. If I win, I will be able to spend it on the movies or save it to purchase a movie ticket on another date when something else is playing.

- Tarra Roxie

I am calling Cinemark Holdings customer support to report a problem with my recently purchased pair of Cinemark Holdings Uptown 3-piece sectional. I bought the furniture from Famous Furniture thinking that it was of great quality, but after only three weeks I noticed that the fabric started to fade and all of the seams started to unravel.

- Anabelle Roshelle

Volume 1: Cinemark Holdings Incorporated (NYSE: CNK) is a movie theater company based in Plano, Texas. The Company's 25 footprints represent 1,399 theatres and over 510 screens.

- Marni Malina

I'm Calling... is a hands-free multimedia control system for your home that installs seamlessly and wirelessly into your existing wall phones. Whether you are in the family room or at the kitchen counter, I'm Calling allows you to talk, listen to music and even make video calls all from one central device.

- Bertina Lydia

cancel my membership with your company. I am doing this because of the following reasons (list):

- Cathrin Bettine

I have a cinema near me that is planning to switch to an online ticketing system. I work from home and don't want to purchase tickets online, but I also don't want to leave my job and drive to the cinema. There has got to be some way for me to be able to purchase tickets through my cell phone and then come back later in the evening when it's dark outside and go into the cinema without purchasing tickets in advance through their website.

- Angel Sonja

I want to reach Cinemark Holdings support, the phone number shows but when I press it I get an automated message saying my call cannot be completed because I have reached a number that is not in service. Please fix this issue as soon as possible *

- Lois Courtenay

Watching your favorite movie from the front row of a theatre is an incredible way to experience your entertainment. However, the day may come when you are unable to attend a show at the cinema you normally attend. If that happens we want to make it easy for you to access a list of cinemas and times so that you can easily watch your movie. To do this Cinemark Holdings, Inc. has created an I want to reach app that allows users to find out which cinemas will be showing their desired movie on the day they desire. The features looping functionality and external link add-on options allow us to distinguish

- Kerrill Chiarra

Before you contact Cinemark Holdings support, check out the resources below. They’re full of useful information about Cinemark Holdings. We recommend checking out our Help Center before contacting us to learn more about your account. Our representatives are available to assist you Monday - Friday, 9AM - 8PM (CST) and Saturday-Sunday, 10AM - 6PM (CST) If you have a question or concern regarding an order, you can contact us online via the form below. Please fill out all required fields in order for us to best assist you with your inquiry.

- Damara Ardys

Good day, I want to ask when Cinemark is going to offer three batteries with a laptop. use after the first failure of the trackpad. This laptop only comes with a battery for one year and a half, and after that the laptop does not allow you access to the start bar. I need a new battery or replacement of the entire laptop and it seems that, at least if my research is correct, Cinemark is not offering me this service because they do not have enough batteries in stock. I have my proof of purchase on April 3:

- Patrizia Dulcia

Here is how you can reach us: Cinema Sites (including Carmike, National Amusements and Consolidated Theatres): www.cinemark.com/Cinema Sites IMAX - www.imax.com/I-MAX Corporate - www.cinemark.com 1-800-345-7284

- Fiann Alejandra

contact Cinema Informa via email or phone. support.cinemark.com/contact ~~verify~~

- Hedvige Leeanne

The box-office smash is coming to Cinemark.® Featuring Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin and Academy Award® winner Jennifer Connelly, ‘Cloud Atlas’ is the most acclaimed movie of the year. Adapted from David Mitchell's best selling novel, this mesmerizing film weaves together plotlines and characters from six different eras across time and space in a surprising story about the way our lives impacts others and the way others impact our lives. Playing at almost every Cinemark theater. Please contact Cinemark at for more information regarding location entries.�

- Dyanne Mozelle