Shopify Customer Service Phone Number

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Shopify Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Shopify

Hello. How may I help you?” “I am calling Shopify customer support to open a new store.” “What type of store?” “Nursery.” “What’s the name of your business?” “Buddy Splashy Nursery.” “But you don’t have a website yet?” “No not yet, but I have my keywords all set. It will be an online nursery for all plant sales and to also have a brick and mortar location in South Florida in the future. I

- Alysia Talia

What does it mean to be on hold with Shopify customer support for 15 minutes? Have you ever been there? We know the feeling all too well. We wanted to make sure that every time a customer calls, they get productive help as quickly as possible.

- Dotti Andree

I'm having a difficult time getting a refund for my purchase. I'm calling Shopify to resolve this issue.

- Britta Mercie

I need to change the shipping address of an order. I tried to call Shopify customer support and left them a message, but it's almost 9 pm Pacific time now. I'm sure they'll be closed in 6 hours or so. Can you just give me a brief overview of how to do this myself? Thank you!

- Blythe Rubetta

If you are calling for help with a Shopify account, please make sure you have your email address and password handy so that we can help you quickly. It’s also a good idea to have this article open while you are on the call :

- Rosamond Binny

Shopify phone support is a free service that's available 24/7. Each rep has access to up-to-date documentation for all Shopify apps and themes, so they can answer your questions quickly and accurately. They will also follow up with you to make sure that your question was answered to your satisfaction and that your shop is ready for the holiday season.

- Christalle Goldie

I use this app with my Shopify store and it works flawlessly. The support guys were super helpful when I had some issues, and they responded quickly. CONGRA TS!!!

- Bathsheba Torrie