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Reasons other customers are calling Mattel

I am calling Mattel customer support to cancel my order for the Barbie camper van. I canceled my order because the manufacturer selling the product is a false business. The identity of Mattel's contact person, Betty Barnes is also false. On January 2, 2013, I ordered the Barbie camper van to be sent to me by UPS. It never arrived and I later found out that there is no such company as 'Mattel Toys.' I called Ms. Barnes on January 2, 2013 at 1-800-468-4000 ext 4234 for information regarding tracking for my package and she told me it would arrive no

- Enrica Joyan

I am calling Mattel customer support to order a Barbie American Girl Doll Chrissa Sticker and Activity Book.

- Lola Zorina

I am calling Mattel customer support to enquire about a product I purchased from them that is now broken. I have opened the toy when I got home, and 19 of the 80 pieces have been broken in transit. I am therefore angry as this is not up to standard and also believe that another 20% will break over the next couple of days.

- Lesly Myra

I am calling Mattel customer support to say thank you for producing the following two great toys: The Barbie Dream House and a third generation girl. Although I haven’t bought them a house yet, I hear they love U2 and basketball.

- Tiffi Jacquette

I am calling Mattel customer support to ask for help restoring my platinum level status.

- Deidre Colette

For Kids and Dads out there who want to talk to a live person at Mattel today, this Call Mattel support telephone number is very active (no answering machines) and it will go straight through to a live customer service agent and you can quickly resolve your issue. There's no reason not to call this number if you need help or have any issues with your Call Mattel toys, because nobody wants to be on hold for 40 minutes and then get cut off at the end when you finally get a human on the line. This is the free Mattel customer service telephone number that works.

- Lynsey Lotta

I'm calling Mattel today to find out if there will be a Jessie re-release. I would love there to be because she is my favorite doll. Can I speak to a supervisor or someone who knows the Jessie Dolls re-release? "

- Kata Eleen

I want to reach Mattel support to register for the barbie dream house giveaway. The games starts nov 12 and ends feb 2. Please call me at 555-555-0000 my child is in 3rd grade and requires assistance.

- Tatum Janis

Get help that s local and convenient! Need to call Mattel Call and Chat is a fast, easy, and free way to get help for your existing Mattel product. We re available in select languages by phone or chat 24/7. Our agents are parents too."

- Tommy Clementine

Contacting us through this form will route your message to our Internet Customer Service team. You can expect a response within 24 business hours, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Our Mattel Support team is dedicated to answering all requests and questions in a timely manner.

- Madelyn Laure

As a parent, your first instinct is to do whatever you can to make sure that your kids are protected from harm. But, as the parent of a child with autism who relies on technology for communication, you also know that access to high-quality information and support is critical; so we're giving you both. While you connect with Mattel support via chat, video-chat, email or phone, our expert Autism Advisors provide parents with welcome guidance and resources from Autism Speaks.

- Carey Sandra

Chat live with 1-800-524-8697 and schedule an appointment with Mattel Customer Care to troubleshoot for a working Fisher-Price

- Carolyne Elizabeth

I want a Barbie that looks like this.

- Felice Chanda

Must have iPhone to use this application!

- Atlanta Harriot

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