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Reasons other customers are calling Medical Mutual of Ohio

I am calling Medical Mutual of Ohio customer support to *hashtag* complain *hashtag* about the new notification system they have with the claims department. I don't like it, and it's a mess.

- Dalenna Joyann

I am calling Medical Mutual of Ohio customer support to report the loss of my wallet. I am calling on my cell phone, so you will need the last 4 digits of my social security number.

- Anna-diane Edna

I am calling Medical Mutual of Ohio customer support to (1) inform them that I will be changing health insurance companies and (2) ask them to waive the $10 co-pay for this visit as it was my doctor’s office error. My doctors’ practice is exceptionally busy today, so I am trying to call during a lull in their patient load. I would like to speak with someone about waiving my copayment today

- Darlene Faythe

This is Frank. I was calling to talk to the person that handles billing for customers, specifically, as it concerns the company that has been bought out and we are being forced to change over. I am a little upset about having to switch my medical coverage for tomorrow. It is not my fault that Medical Mutual of Ohio bought up another company. They should have notified customers more appropriately, and made accommodations for people who have had the same insurance for years. The way they handled this was very poor and unprofessional. The customer service rep Joe could care less about helping me out here. He told me to fax in all of

- Valera Melita

Hi this is Marie Wilson with Medical Mutual of Ohio, how can I help you today?

- Babs Amanda

If you are calling about your medical claim, please enter your confirmation number in the phone screen. If you’re looking for a summary of your OhioCare/Medical Mutual benefits, you can find that on our website at under the My Account tab. If you have a specific question about your account or a benefit, press 2 to speak with an associate.

- Robinia Loralyn

During Open Enrollment, MedicalMutual members can have all the experts in their corner with 24/7 online access to a licensed registered nurse. Call 248-888-1337 to enroll in this exclusive service and experience the freedom of not being alone through your year’s health and life change.

- Deni Sacha

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