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Xcel Energy Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Xcel Energy

I am calling Xcel Energy customer support to disconnect my account. I am a residential customer within the

- Kelcy Marisa

I am calling Xcel Energy customer support to see if they can help me get my utility services back on track.

- Kelcey Barry

I am calling Xcel Energy customer support to report a power outage. They advise me that all circuits are fine and the problem might be in my meter box. What they need is a customer verbal description of what’s going on. Think about talking or listening to a voice recording when you call into customer support.

- Anissa Jaymee

My Xcel Energy phone system experience was as easy as pressing three buttons: I instantly connected to an agent. The agent and I chatted while waiting for the elevator to arrive. As I got off the elevator, we were still in mid-conversation.

- Elise Janeva

A great way to ensure that you’re getting the best customer support and not hitting a busy signal. The Call-Xcel Mobile App allows you to quickly identify the best call center for your needs, and provides the individual number so that you can connect directly with an expert. Use the app to get the answers to questions about your service, energy usage, billing and more. You can even pay bills. Find out if this could be a great fit by downloading the free app now!

- Dana Corry

save money on my electricity bill. At Xcel Energy, we believe great energy

- Eleonore Kori

I want to reach Xcel Energy support to

- Meridith Kamilah

I want to reach Xcel Energy support to talk about my account or business services in a different way.

- Stephenie Venus

Whether you have billing questions or need help with your online account, we are here to help. To reach Xcel Energy support at any time of day, please press zero from the main menu and follow the prompts.

- Clementina Desiri

Skip the hold music and get right through to Xcel Energy customer service by calling 1-800-652-9377. Just dial 1-800-652-9377 and you will be greeted by an Xcel Energy Customer Service Representative who can help with just about any issues you may have. Simply say "representative" after you call the toll free number. You may also use this same line for regional numbers which are 1-844-200-2700 (Rocky Mountain States) and 1-855-722-3838 (Upper Midwest).

- Deonne Silvana

Reserve a time that works for you When you call to speak to an Xcel Energy representative, simply tell us the best time to reach you: * Morning * Afternoon * Early evening * Late evening Please note that if you schedule an appointment, we will not be able to reach you at any other time unless your circumstances change or it is an emergency. We reserve the right to end any call that is longer than 20 minutes.

- Bobbette Florry

Have a question about Xcel Energy service in your area? Whether you live in Minnesota or are an Xcel Energy customer while vacationing out of state, our support center is here for you 24/7/365.

- Cleo Thomasine

Find a local office, locate a field employee, or contact Xcel Energy using this one-stop web site from Xcel Energy. It offers customers the ability to track an individual expert, company vehicle, or asset that is providing service to them. Customers can be confident knowing that they are able to reach the right unit or individual with specific details about any situation. _________________________________________________________________

- Angelita Charin