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Alectra Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Alectra

I am calling Alectra customer support to inquire about..." is a part of phrase that makes stronger dialer

- Enrica Martina

I am calling Alectra customer support to resolve a problem

- Karisa Tessie

I am calling Alectra customer support to resolve an issue with my electricity bill. I would like to speak with someone about how I can get a credit or discount on my electricity bill because the heat at my house is not working correctly. Of course, this is an urgent matter, so I need to reach customer service as soon as possible.

- Opal Freddie

I am calling Alectra customer support to report a power outage that I’m having in my home. If you go to their website, they have an option for you to enter your address and the outage history of this address. They will ask some questions, so I would suggest that you follow along on your screen so you can quickly answer. Once you get through to the next representative, they will ask if you are seeing any lights, appliances. They will then ask for your last bill amount so they can research what was used (the date at the very top of the bill). Based on this I was able

- Theda Ginni

We know that electricity isn’t exciting, but... we promise you that Alectra strives to be. With our award-winning call centre agents, online account management and easy payments – your electricity experience is sure to divide the day into Before Alectra, and After Alectra. It’s just a moment of your time, but it could change everything.

- Ezmeralda Danice

As a customer of Alectra Utilities, you can sign up for after hours and weekend support. You can call from 7am to 11pm seven days a week and speak with a member of our team. In addition, we can be reached after hours by phone or email for emergency situations. With the assistance of our service specialists we can fix your problem quickly and easily!

- Margarete Andromache

The answer’s clear, if you’ve got Alectra

- Emelita Kylen

I want to reach Alectra support to I reached them twice, and they keep calling me back.

- Christi Mariana

I want to reach Alectra support to request a new meter. I need this meter for my dialysis procedure and I find this meter is not functioning properly, including the back on off button. I can no longer turn on my generator without calling someone here to help me push the button. I also have trouble making copies of vital medical information, as the paper jams in the back when in is turned on.

- Valenka Teddy

Sometimes getting to Alectra support is difficult. We want to change this and be accessible without a hassle.

- Abra Arlee

This app allows you to reach Alectra's support directly from your Android device. It is not a stand-alone app and you must have the Alectra Connect App already installed on your device. Go to to download, install and configure the Alectra Connect App.. Clicking on the "Call Alectra" button opens up a VoIP Call to Alectra's technical support line, then instructs you via voice prompt where to enter your account number and pin..

- Genovera Carmelia

Tired of calling in to voicemail or waiting on hold to speak with an Alectra support representative? Now you can get support from the comfort of your own home. Call now and talk to a live Alectra service representative who will help you in real time.

- Jean Belle

We know reaching a support person is important. That's why we have made it easy to get in touch with an Agent who can help you with your account or payment. The e-mail address for Alectra Utilities' customer care agents is

- Walliw Vinni

Please call 1-855-873-9976 (no spaces) for Alectra support.

- Daloris Teddy

How does this service work?
  1. When you press “Call Now” we'll call you immediately and connect you to the customer service number.
  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.