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Reasons other customers are calling EOG Resources

I am calling EOG Resources customer support to inquire about a $50 donation made in my name by my friend. I have several issues I would like addressed, the first of which is a gift card that has yet to arrive. Second, and more importantly, I want to discuss my concerns about recent news reports regarding oil drilling

- Davita Alessandra

I am calling EOG Resources customer support to ask why my natural gas bill has increased, especially in light of my homeowners rank rewarding me for cutting back on my usage through the Texas Energy Star Plus program.”

- Ira Modestine

I am calling EOG Resources customer support to update my status on my account. I need to speak with someone about the status of my order, place an order, or change my login information.

- Rose Rozella

This is an audio recording of a recent call that I made to EOG Resources customer support. In order to listen to the message, please press one on your touchtone phone now

- Myrilla Suellen

When you call in, you'll hear the friendly voices of several EOG associates who've been hand-selected by our management team to reflect the diversity of our company. You can talk to me, Randy DeWitt, or Shante Wilson, a geologist on our Natural Gas Marketing team. Each of us has used our specific skill set and expertise to deliver the very best customer experience at EOG because we believe it's equally important for customers to understand the people they are interacting with as it is what they are actually saying.

- Gabriell Silva

EOG's well development team delivers industry-leading customer support by developing and operating a customer support model that exceeds industry standards in the areas of response times, focus on customers and quality of service. This allows EOG to deliver an enhanced customer experience designed to assist with field development decisions by reducing costly trip planning and well site delays. EOG's dedication to continuous improvement through feedback is driving efforts to develop a customer-focused organization. !

- Mame Daisey

Outstanding service is at the heart of EOG's culture.

- Oneida Ellyn