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Reasons other customers are calling Urban Outfitters

I am calling Urban Outfitters customer support to alert you to a serious problem

- Lorry Tammara

I am calling Urban Outfitters customer support to discuss why one of my purchases arrived with a tear in the fabric.

- Jocelyne Dorotea

I am calling Urban Outfitters customer support to see where my order is. The customer service representative tells me that my package should have arrived yesterday. When I tell the customer service representative that no one was home, he tells me that maybe the mail person didn’t try hard enough to leave a note that the package would be there. He says maybe the mail person thought it was an impersonal box and dropped it on the corner and made a quick getaway. I tell him, “I know this is not common practice but I don’t want my order delivered to a location other than my home

- Trudi Shelba

I'm calling Urban Outfitters customer service to confirm that I can still use my gift card to purchase an item online (after 30 days). ...

- Lexie Adria

Urban Outfitters customer support number is the only way to get in touch with their customer care department. If you have doubts that talking to a representative will resolve your issue. Please call uo 917-465-0861 . You can also write to support@urbanoutfitters.com

- Inesita Cyndie

This is the Urban Outfitters customer support number for . Call this number to reach customer service. If you’re looking for more information, read our FAQs or Live Chat with us now!

- Marlane Charita

Seek customer service and connect with agents working to resolve customer issues. Contact Urban Outfitters support by email, phone or chat. Urban Outfitters is an American clothing retailer, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a large secondary distribution facility in Pittsburgh.

- Margot Hally

"I want to reach Urban Outfitters support to ask for more info on a product I like, and don't want to go to a store. How?" The Urban Outfitters online store is available 24/7. Here is how you can get help with online orders:

- Drucill Rhiamon

Please call on the below number to talk with Urban Outfitters service representative

- Gavra Jordana

Please contact Urban Outfitters Support by visiting www.URBN.com/help and clicking on the Live Chat button located at the top of the page.

- Joline Jeanie

Why call a company when you can send them a message directly through their Facebook page? Urban Outfitters’ Facebook page is a great example of how to connect with customers, answer their questions and provide support. This is smart because phone lines are open to long wait times, drops in call quality and—lest we forget—inconvenience.

- Shani Maryjo

I have been a loyal customer of Urban Outfitters for over ten years. In December 2012, I purchased a laptop case ("The Bigger Carry-On") on the Urban Outfitters website. I absolutely love this bag, and used it for my trip to Paris in January 2013. Yesterday--April 14th, 2013--while on my way home from work, the strap broke. The straps were not damaged, but it appears that they simply slipped out of their sockets inside the bag. I immediately contacted both "Urban" and "Neighborhood" (my local store), and the store told me I should

- Gipsy Lucretia

Thank you for contacting customer service. We regret we were unable to answer your question completely. Our goal is to always completely address our customer’s questions and requests. Thank you for choosing Urban Outfitters. Have a nice day and have a wonderful evening, ~ Steve ( UO LiveStore)

- Vania Marsha

I bought this at Urban Outfitters online. I used the product to watch a movie on my laptop. I tried to connect my laptop to the tv, but it is not compatible. Therefore I would like to return the product or get another one which actually works. The item

- Anne Mariann

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