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The" I am calling Hasbro customer support to play board game, an entirely new experience. 3-D game board with built-in phone interface for easy set-up. Place your mobile iphone or ipad on the powermat and instantly jump into action with the game board that reads signals from the mat! An interactive playing experience like no other. Connect via bluetooth to keep all players connected, regardless of how many people are playing. I’m calling Hasbro customer support, Hasbro customer support, Hasbro customer support, Hasbro customer support!

- Elberta Denna

I am calling Hasbro customer support to place an order for a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Smiles Cutie Mark Magic Happy Pinky Pie Squishy Toy - Fun AMZ Gift Idea Xmas Birthday Holiday

- Netti Morissa

I am calling Hasbro customer support to put in a complaint about this game. My child has been playing it and now he thinks he is an egg. He is shaped like an egg, he has three legs and he eats burritos off his butt crack. I am very upset that this game has turned my son into an egg and I would like to speak with your supervisor immediately. My husband is coming home from work soon and I don't know how we are going to explain this to him. We may have to tell him that his only son was turned into an egg by a video game that we bought for him

- Carlee Terra

I am calling Hasbro customer support to let them know that my brother and my best friend Steve started a new tradition for us for Christmas. It is called "Stripping Down The Tree'', and it requires both of us to pull an ornament off the tree in order for the other person to see it and agree with Steve that it should be on his tree. Steve's favorite part of the custom is licking ornaments he thinks are not up to his standards, so, you can imagine, there is a lot of licking going on. I don't get involved until one of them decides they want the item.

- Kaitlynn Emmaline

Hasbro customer support number 1-877-373-7049

- Ricki Angil

Customer Support has always been and always will be one of our top priorities. Hasbro has dedicated and expanded its customer support team to answer your calls in a timely manner, (the average wait time is less than 60 seconds!) which means you may not have to wait at all! Hasbro telephone numbers are:

- Cloe Karlotte

Call Hasbro customer service and explain to them you are calling about a game that messed up during play and the rules are no longer clear. Our tech team will take care of the rest!

- Chrystal Zia

I want to reach Hasbro support to talk about my Peppa Pig toys.

- Renate Marcelle

I want to reach Hasbro support to resolve the issue of my Greenlaser beam!!!!! My family just purchased a Greenlaser and within two weeks it stopped working! I tried numerous times to get it to work again. I finally got a response from Hasbro suggesting that I return it to the store to replace or refund. We were not given one at purchase! The plastic on the outside is cracked in several places. It is hard to squeeze but worked for a short while. In this time we did use it for a bit of fun with our own games. Do you offer replacement pieces? What can we do about

- Josephina Daphene

I want to reach Hasbro Support!

- Jessie Juanita

I want to reach Hasbro support and make sure my account hasn’t been suspended. How do I contact them?

- Melany Maribelle

CALLING HASBRO SUPPORT! AT HASBRO, WE CARE ABOUT YOUR VOICE. If you'd like to reach Hasbro's Corporate Headquarters to register a complaint about our toys, or to request more information about our company, please call us at the number below. We are available from 6AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. If on a weekend, please leave your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.''

- Roberta Morena

Here’s what I sent them: I purchased NERF GUN'S in the last few years. Mostly they were your dart gun type, and many of the darts fell apart and no longer worked or even my own kids thought it was too easy for the dart to lose its ability to fire and became useless. I ended up throwing out most of the darts that could not be fixed And MONOPOLY...Over the last 20 years I have seen more and more changes in the game of Monopoly, from a different game board, different number of pieces like houses and hotels...Monopoly has gone from being

- Rebekkah Dulsea

Hi, my name is __________________ and I am a parent with children in the program. My phone number is _______________ and email address is____________________. A couple years ago, we purchased the SENTRY LX laptop by FUJITSU. It worked great: speedy, long battery life, tough exterior. We were amazed that our kids could run it on all the action-packed games on either their Mac or their PC and just about anything they wanted because its strong processor was sleek with speed. Then we decided to go thin and got an ASPIRE AS5745-5749 series laptops by SI

- Brinna Sabrina

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