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Why should calling Navient customer service be painful? With the innovative magicJack system you can navigate your way though the maze of choice and be whisked directly to the best match for your needs. No more time wasting elevator music or listening to a sales pitch not relevant to your question or concern.

- Rosabella Gabbi

Call Navient from a phone where you have free and unlimited

- Bonni Cinda

Navient Helpline is one of the largest and most valuable parts of Navient Corporation. As a Navient customer support representative (CSR), you will be representing Navient to customers, prospects, and other key audiences. Some of your responsibilities as a Navient Customer Support Rep include:

- Dorri Robinia

When your Navient borrower is getting in trouble on their student loan, and you want to fix the problem, the bad news is there is no single phone number for customer support. The good news is that there are now websites and email addresses where you can start the process of reaching out for help.

- Noella Ilise

Human Support in a Digital World Our goal at Navient is simple: to be your premier customer experience and relationship management firm for the next generation. We bring our pioneering digital platform to bear on the challenges that are facing organizations today. Created specifically for the new digital era, our platform enables us and our clients to handle increasing customer expectations, complex business processes, and intense competition. By seamlessly connecting experiences across all channels – combined with an innovative solution design methodology – we help organizations gain better control over their customers and achieve superior outcomes.

- Lucine Ariel

Navient's easy-to-navigate website offers 24/7 account access, billing information, loan payment options and helpful educational tools to help you better manage your loan. Whatever your question or concern may be, contact us via phone or our easy-to-navigate website portal. You can also reach us in other ways such as through social media channels. We take pride in providing service that exceeds your expectations so please let us know how we can keep you coming back for more. Our knowledgeable representatives will greet you with a warm welcome and strive to fulfill the communication between the company and it's customers

- Sunshine Sidonnie

Navient. The Student Loan Resource Center of the future.” Navient is a student loan servicer that helps over 12 million people manage their student loans every year. They work with federal, private and Parent Plus loans and tailor their educational support and programs to get you to your goal faster, consolidate and refinance debt, reduce payments, and help you avoid default. They administer over $300 billion in student loans. This is a great way for Navient to re-engage current customers while providing the amazing service they are known for. How would yours sound?

- Harriott Phylys

Upgrade to Prime Student today & get 6 months interest free on your Navient student loans. I want to reach Navient support to

- Xena Gilbertine

Navient support number Phone number. Customer service department to assist you with issues related to your loans or repayment options. The Navient contact phone number can be found through the internet and is very toll-free.

- Marian Tabbi

Say goodbye to calling US Government agencies and looking up your balance online. With an account at, you can contact Navient support online or by calling 1-888-288-4546.

- Harriette Olwen

Navient is committed to providing financial services that fit your life, so you get the service and support you need—whenever and wherever you need it. When I call, I want to be able to speak with a real person right away—not an automated system

- Zia Cahra

Call us at 1-800-564-7278 (Mon - Fri 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Sat - Sun 9 a.m.-6 p.m. ET) to speak with Navient Support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you know your reference number, enter it here:

- Chelsea Tobey

Contact us 24/7 online if you need help communicating with Navient. We are here at our headquarters in Wilmington, DE, and we're ready to assist you!

- Kip Rebeca

Navient home page containing contact information

- Fanchette Jobina

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