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Reasons other customers are calling Revlon

I am calling Revlon customer support to locate my family and friends in Puerto Rico. I hear there is an island wide power outage because of the hurricane damage. They are still without any communication or cell phone service.

- Emmy Simonne

Find all the info you need to get in touch with us: customer service representatives, store locator, recalls & alerts, online shopping, press room, and more! I am calling Revlon customer support to reach the Revlon customer service department.

- Nadine Dolly

I am calling Revlon customer support because the handle on my hair dryer broke after 4 months of using it. In addition, it leaves a lot of frizzies in my hair. I wish to resolve this matter immediately, and expect a new hair dryer from Revlon with no additional expense to myself.

- Bibbie Pauline

Here are the Revlon contact telephone numbers: United States 1-800-835-4767. Canada 1-800-265-5959. Calling from Mexico 001-619-5353271

- Theadora Flor

Find your product in the chart above, then call Revlon Customer Service at 1-800-791-3175 to speak when you are ready to repurchase your Revlon cosmetics and beauty care from a retailer's

- Merrill Ilse

Contact Us! 1-800-761-8317 Family care is important to us! This is our way of saying thank you for being a Revlon customer. Quickly and easily connect, on the go, with experts who can help make your beauty routine simpler and more fun.

- Violante Gussy

You would like to be able purchase some Revlon Makeup products from the comfort of your own home. You feel confident that you know what you need, but need to determine which products you found on the web page will be available for purchase.

- Toni Enrichetta

How to reach Revlon support: ______ 1. __________ 2. Select country/region (United States)

- Valentia Lishe

REVLON MAY POSSIBLY SEND SUPPORT TO ME BY: * Phone at the number indicated on their product, or if they have no toll-free number, I can call at 800-544-2020. * Email to the address indicated on their product, or if they have no email address, send email to

- Antonia Tonya

Revlon Support: 800-521-7363 or 800-473-7382 (Spanish) Revlon recommends that you contact the Customer Service department regarding this issue. The toll free number provided by our Customer Care representatives will ensure that your issue is handled swiftly and effectively.

- Gleda Loren

Each one of our topmost customer representatives is trained and prepared to handle any questions or concerns you might have concerning the array of products we carry. With so many to choose from, picking a hair care gimmick that's right for you can be quite scary. Look no further than our vibrant selection which is available right here at Revlon.

- Caron Carlin

Join other members for the latest news and conversations about Revlon products.

- Yvonne Charil

Revlon Counter Display - (Box of 6)

- Sapphira Eolande

Answer your support request fast with Hello Solutions, Revlon's consumer support portal. Use the free self-serve platform to easily access product information, place an online order, book services with a stylist, or submit a warranty claim.

- Minetta Kathryne