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Reasons other customers are calling Canadian National Railway

I am calling Canadian National Railway customer support to inquire about a damaged shipment that I have received. This is a luggage shipping company that offers such services as Air Freight and Air Cargo Shipping, Trucking, Rail freight, and other warehousing and distribution services in Canada. The person on the phone may refer to CN commercial products by their proper names or numbers.

- Oneida Erna

I am calling Canadian National Railway customer support to discuss my reservation for March 12 from Toronto’s Union Station to Niagara Falls and back Monday, February 29. Keep your eyes out for a green CN caboose rolling toward you.

- Dalila Birdie

I love CN. I am calling Canadian National Railway customer support to solve a problem I'm having with one of my trains. I am not happy at all, but when I call, there is someone there who is able to help me, and they offer me a bunch of options that are really easy to understand. So no matter how bad things are going for me right now with this train, Canadian National Railway is making it better.

- Martita Megan

Confused because I am from the United States and Canadian National Railway doesn't offer customer support in the United States. I am having trouble ordering my rail passes online. Has anyone else had this problem? I want to make sure that I am doing everything correctly when making my order.'' Well, it is me again! It seems like very few people have a lot of problems with making their rail passes online but I don't know why they do not offer phone support because there are a lot of problems that people run into when making rail passes online.

- Taryn Margalo

Had trouble finding the customer service number for Canadian National Railway? Search no more. Dial the number above to contact Canadian National Railway directly and speak with an agent.

- Robenia Almeta

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- Eleanor Arluene

I called Canadian National (CNI) after my oil train derailed in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. Although no injuries occurred as a result of the derailment, I was concerned about the wreck and wanted answers to some important questions,'' he said.

- Charmane Coleen

I want to reach Canadian National Railway support to report an issue. › › I want to reach Canadian National Railway support to report an issue. »

- Inna Vere

I want to reach the Canadian National Railway support to file a complaint. I am writing this message from INNSYS Inc. as one of your valued customers requesting that you assist me in reaching the correct support agent for Canadian National Railway`. We have recently purchased three 7710VU4100 Web-smart fixed telephones from you and we are experiencing some difficulty configuring them using the ENC and DSS One Touch voice mail system.

- Teressa Britteny

Reach Canadian National Railway support to get answers to your questions.

- Marlene Zitella

Use the app to reach Canadian National Railway support and receive your information, 24/7.

- Helga Gale

I was unable to reach you through the number or email address listed below. My company's application for access to Canadian National Railway's railways will be taking place in the next 24-48 hours. Please connect me with your manager at ext 567 so that I may confirm timing and access, and thank you for your help.

- Sallie Amalee

Do you have the perfect snowmobile and need a new trailer for it? Look no further – the side-by-side trailer from  Canadian National Railway is built to handle almost any motorsport activity. This trailer features all of the capabilities of a conventional two-wheel trailer, but with tracks that pivot and extend so it can dive into deep snow with ease. Built tough and ready to work, Canadian National Railway is proud to be the brand of choice when determining your snowmobile needs.

- Wileen Ivory

Here are your choices in North America. Contact your Union for more information:

- Daune Cal

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