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Gap Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Gap

I am calling Gap customer support to make a return. I purchased a black Gap shirt, size small, at the Gap at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall in Bridgeville, PA location number R7-1 on August 11th, 2011 and it has broken buttons. I want to learn more about my replacement options. This call is also being recorded for quality assurance purposes.

- Jobi Sheree

I am calling Gap customer support to confirm some return information.

- Glad Kathrine

My name is Benjamin Vender. I am calling Gap customer support to request a return label for the leather jacket I purchased from your store in San Diego on September 3rd 2012.

- Gayel Cammi

I am calling Gap customer support

- Cassie Karissa

Gap Customer Support

- Vilma Libby

Build your own community with Gap customer support. * Get help with choosing the right item * Receive shopping tips and style advice * Find out what customers are saying about our products

- Noelle Dina

This product is a dark blue Dockers® men's belt. It was purchased at The Gap and we purchased the extended warranty. 1-800-555-1212 xxxxxx# To indicate that this product is defective I would like to schedule a date and time for them to replace my belt as soon as possible.

- Maighdiln Donella

Customers can reach out to Gap Support via email, live chat, or voice.

- Margareta Marja

You can reach support at 1-888-GapService. If you are calling from outside the continental US, please call 1-626-527-6200. `

- Carolee Clovis

Gap Factory Reset your password. If you can't sign in to your account quickly, use the password recovery tool. You may have already linked your email address with a different Gap Factory account.

- Leontyne Naomi

Have questions about your recent order? Need to return an item? This phone number connects you directly to our team of Gap support associates, who can help with your needs.

- Rycca Koo

There are two steps to reaching us. First, dial toll-free number 800-475-Gap (4276). Next, a GAP customer service representative will ask you to choose from three selections: 1) to speak with a sales associate 2) to contact another customer service department 3) to receive order information or other information not specified in the options above. After choosing an option, a GAP customer service representative will connect you with your request.''

- Rycca Cammy

Dial 1.844.747.2703 to contact Gap customer service or chat with a support agent right now. You may experience longer wait times on weekends or holidays. Customer service agents are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer your questions and help with issues that are not urgent or life threatening.

- Joell Maryellen

We strive to provide world-class support every day, in every way. Whether it’s because you need help returning an item to a Gap store or you need information about credit card use, we’re here and ready to work with our customers to make the experience better.

- Dalila Tanhya

How does this service work?
  1. When you press “Call Now” we'll call you immediately and connect you to the customer service number.
  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.