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Bank of America Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Bank of America

I am calling Bank of America customer support to, I have a question about my account… You see what I mean? The claim provides a context for the benefit.

- Kyrstin Shanon

Looking for Bank of America customer support? Well, you've come to the right place. The call has been answered.

- Norri Eleonora

Due to the large number of complaints they've received regarding their automated phone system, I am calling Bank of America directly via their residential customer service line. P.S. At no point in my call was I able to leave a voice mail stating my complaint.

- Laurice Addi

Contact a Bank of America Customer Service Representative almost instantly at any time of the day or night! What can you do with BofA Mobile? -Check account balances and transaction histories -Pay bills-transfer funds-and deposit checks

- Annabelle Gilemette

My husband is calling Bank of America to ask about our cat's pacemaker check.

- Bobbee Krystalle

I am calling for Bank of America. I can't open my account online because of the recent system upgrade, and I want to add a child to my checkbook so they can have ATM access. I'll only be a minute."

- Vera Colly

Hi, Rose! I want to reach Bank of America support to report a potential fraudulent activity. I’m sorry to tell you that something is wrong with your latest email regarding the Replacement Card. It does not make any sense to me. Can you please call me instead? That way I can hear your voice and know it is really you. Best, Karen

- Cybil Lynde

I want to speak with the Bank of America family. I was trying to take advantage of the cool new online and mobile checking account features they are offering but couldn't get any response to my inquiries. I was directed to a full service banking center and I received the same experience when I went in person. There had been changes in my banking information, but there was no way for me to fill out forms or sign up for accounts online and no one would see me at the bank center in person.

- Theo Jessamine

Please note that chat and email messages to Bank of America Executive Care are only available during the following times: Monday thru Friday - 5am-5pm (July 1st - Labor Day) Monday thru Friday - 6am-8pm (Labor Day thru June 30th)

- Zaneta Barbi

I can't remember the last time I spoke to a live human at Bank of America. I've been going around in circles for two months trying to reach them by phone. First, I got a message saying that if I wanted to talk to a real person I needed to call another number. Then, after calling *67 before calling the other number, I got an automated message saying that the bank was experiencing high call volume and instructed me to keep trying. When the automated system couldn't transfer me to a real person, it told me to go online or use the mobile app instead. So I did, but neither the

- Irma Ronda

The redesigned Bank of America Mobile app is your key to our award-winning banking services. With enhanced features, a new design, and most everything you need right at your fingertips, it has never been easier to bank, shop, manage your money, and track your everyday accounts—anytime, anywhere.

- Leland Ardene

Bank of America provides quality financial products and services to individuals, businesses, governments and institutions. Both a Bank and a Trusted Service Provider, we are at work every day to build strength, confidence and trust in our brand. Our 19,400 Branches are staffed by nearly 34,000 associates across the United States and internationally. Find your local bank branch near you with the Branch Locator Tool on the right side of this page. Learn more about us at

- Kattie Dorian

I had an account with Bank Of America. I got a phone call saying I was due money that was supposed to go into my checking account. I have no recollection of this phone call or even the person's name on the phone. I authorize a payment to be taken out of my account and it was not in my checking account so I started making calls to figure out why it was not there, I called about 10 times. I finally talked to a manager who said nothing was taken out of my account and they refunded it back into my account then one week later they took $360 from me, after claiming they would

- Giselle Becky

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