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Verizon Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have Verizon Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


Verizon Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling Verizon

I want to reach Valero Energy support, and a link to the support website.

- Pippa Ashley

Contacting Valero Energy support is simple with the support number provided by our professional team. Call

- Melissa Joellyn

At Valero Energy, we're committed to providing the best customer service experience possible. To help you quickly and easily reach the right support team, call 1-844-297-6545

- Davita Rosaline

We have built an app that lets you call Valero Energy right from your device. Let's start talking about gas prices.

- Minni Devonna

One phone number. One support agent. That's what you can expect when you call Valero Customer Service. No matter the nature of your concern or question, we are ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week– 365 days a year. Whether you need to schedule maintenance on your home heating system or order furnace filters or even contribute to one of our many national and local charitable organizations, we are here for you. One number. One voice. That's what the people of Valero Energy are working to provide every time you need us.

- Bell Maitilde

I am experiencing a problem locating answers to my Valero direct questions on their website Contact Valero Energy now, or call 1-800-633-3747 and customer care will assist you with your inquiry.

- Vikki Demetris

You may contact Valero Energy Customer Care at: 888-265-6579 .

- Rici Ali

I am calling Verizon customer support to inquire why my internet has been so unstable the last few days.

- Annissa Rosalinda

I am calling Verizon customer support to determine how to get my DSL connection to work.

- Caterina Sibylla

My wife and I are calling Verizon customer support because we have a problem with our cell phones. We have had our phones for about two years and every few months something goes wrong. They have usually worked just fine, and then something goes out. The phone fails to work, or the screen won’t turn on. We have been pretty happy with the phone service since we got it two year ago, however, we are frustrated that we occasionally have to call Verizon customer support because of issues with the products they sell.

- Stephenie Celina

Contact Customer Support call (800) 351-3199 to speak with a Verizon representative.  You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When you press "0", you will be connected to the third party Call Center company, which is a CRG calling center.

- Dinnie Elvira

My vacation was a mess until I stopped in and had Verizon Tech Support come to my house. Within minutes, I had my cell phone up and running. My wife was very impressed with Verizon Tech Support.

- Dedra Sharleen

Verizon Cust Svc

- Marci Patsy

Call them, email them, send them a letter. But don’t stop until you reach a human being who can help you. A well-publicized customer service snafu this month provided the opportunity to examine five major cell phone providers’ connected voice response systems. The worst was Verizon Wireless, whose system asked callers an obtuse series of questions that seemed designed to yield an automated reply, wasting everyone’s time and leading nowhere... The Verizon Wireless voice response system, for instance, went through the following steps in order to connect a caller to a live person: 1. Answer two more

- Timmi Willi

The purpose of this app is to provide Verizon customers with a convenient way to Contact Verizon support directly from users' mobile devices "

- Constanta Mercedes

Step #1: List the main phone number for Verizon support on the back of your phone’s box or login to your account to get the number.

- Courtney Claudie

We know connecting with Verizon support can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. That's why we're piloting a new program that puts you in control of the experience through our self-service user journey. A user's journey is the path that takes them from encountering an issue to successfully resolving it through your customer support organization.

- Vicky Kristen

This is a video that demonstrates calling Verizon. Looking for the best possible way to reach an agent? How about a video chat instead? Don't be fooled by the name, Video is also available via chat!

- Verile Poppy

Call 1-800-922-0204 and press * from your mobile phone to reach Verizon Support. You may be asked to enter your mobile number on the screen in order to help us process your request. Should you need to contact someone by email or regular mail, please inform the representative who answers your call. If you do not wish for us to use your response for any of our research purposes, please click on the "Do Not Use" box.

- Saree Annelise

Call or chat with a Verizon expert from your PC, smartphone or tablet using the latest in-app technology. No need to wait for a call back or make an appointment.

- Aubree Liza

Log in to the Verizon Wireless website, then click on "Contact Us" located in the top right corner of any page. If you’re not automatically redirected to the Verizon Wireless Support site, please click here. Once in the Support Center: Click on ‘My Verizon’ . Under ‘ My Profile ,’ click ‘Chat’ (for 24/7 Chat support) or select ‘Submit a support ticket’ for Non-24/7 Chat support. Be prepared to provide basic account information such as: Email Address(es), Account Number(s), and Phone Number(s

- Daune Jolee