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Harley-Davidson Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Harley-Davidson

I am calling Harley-Davidson customer support to Give them my warranty number in the case a problem comes up. I will tell them that I bought a Power-Pak battery and I plan to use it during our trip.

- Betty Kessia

I am calling Harley-Davidson customer support to share my personal experience with the Breakout Travel all-terrain motorcycle. I love how it makes me feel like a teenager riding across the desert. It’s easy to operate, fuel efficient, and powerful. The tour pack allows me to bring along items I need for long excursions as well as maintain enough storage under my seat for daily essentials. The Harley-Davidson Breakout is perfect for adventuring, exploring, and discovering new places.

- Koral Karoly

I am calling Harley-Davidson customer support. I want to find out what is wrong with my car. You can help. I have a problem, and I need your advice. Your knowledge will be rewarded with a big tip! Harley-Davidson is the premiere manufacture of heavy motorcycles in the United States of America . One of their product, model

- Erma Cathleen

Calling Harley-Davidson customer service is an excellent way to resolve issues with your motorcycle. A few well informed customer care representatives can quickly resolve most technical problems, and referring to the owner's manual before calling may help prevent problems from occurring in the future. The Harley-Davidson operator will discuss the issue with you and help you follow through to resolution.

- Valida Karylin

know more about Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The telephone number is 1-800-345-8746 Can you help me get the information I need to make a decision?

- Adorne Jacqueline

Alexa, ask Harley Davidson support to connect me with a customer specialist.

- Karlee Latisha

order an accessory for my motorcycle. In the opening there is no introduction or greeting, just an introduction of myself and an express purpose. Since I am calling to pay for the order, I use the word "do" instead of "order" to deliver a sense of urgency in taking care of this matter. Furthermore, my voice is very energetic to convey action and enthusiasm:

- Loutitia Barry

Reach Harley-Davidson support whenever you want. Find the answer to a question, check out tips and more on the HDForums. Get the latest HD news, up-to-date announcements and fascinating automotive stories from around the world. Follow discussions, converse with other HD fans, join groups and connect with members of the Harley community.

- Martie Nerty

With the Harley-Davidson® App, you have direct access to the Support app and our Support team. Connect to a phone call with a Support Specialist, request an email response, send questions via private message for others in the community to view and help with, search official content from Harley-Davidson Support, or submit pictures of your bike for review by one of our Harley-Davidson experts. We are here to help.

- Delly Rosalyn

If you need technical support on your motorcycle from Harley-Davidson directly, you've come to the right place. These days you can submit customer information online by pressing one button. We're here seven days a week, from 7am to 9pm, in most time zones, so all you have to do for international customers is press two buttons and you'll be directed to the correct timezone.

- Sheelagh Horatia

In order to reach your Harley-Davidson Sales Representative, please dial 1-800-258-2464. For other Harley-Davidson Customer Service numbers and information, click here. If you need assistance quickly, please email or telephone, as response times via email may take longer.

- Shanta Judi

Call Harley-Davidson and you get a free consultation with a professional in your area. You can schedule an appointment with one of our factory trained technicians, leave your bike and get service onsite, or just have some advice to take with you. We are here for you because we know how important your bike is, and we want to help keep it on the road for years to come.

- Pet Odella

For over a century, we've been dedicated to motorcyclists and motorcycling. Our roots are built into our calling. Sound familiar? We're a major company that's small enough to care about each customer as an individual. At Harley-Davidson, we're passionate about bikes and we love to ride them.

- Starla Othilia

Hurry and pick up your FREE Harley-Davidson Lockable Tool Bag before it’s too late.

- Andrea Phedra

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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.