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Columbia Sportswear Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have Columbia Sportswear Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


Columbia Sportswear Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling Columbia Sportswear

I am calling Columbia Sportswear customer support to confirm that I received my order in good condition.

- Leshia Carlina

I am calling Columbia Sportswear customer support to: Enter my order number (1234567890) Enter my zip code (54234) Speak with an agent Close the window

- Tabbie Alethea

Columbia Sportswear customer support, what`s your name? Brandon. What is you last name? My last name is Miller. OK, thank you for calling Columbia Sportswear customer support, your call is very important to us. Your call will be answered in the order that it was received, and right now, you were number two. In approximately two minutes, your call will be answered by one of our product specialists. Thank you for calling Columbia Sportswear customer support.

- Dulce Kimberli

Hi, my name is ___________. I am on the phone with Columbia sportswear customer service right now. My jacket just arrived and one of the zippers on the front pocket just broke. I was hoping that maybe you could get a new zipper sent to me immediately because this is one of the coolest jackets ever.

- Winnifred Shirleen

try to fix my jacket. I have the Columbia Medium

- Sib Vanda

Generate several positive outcomes for you - 1. credits to bring down to your balance, 2. a new credit card with a lower interest rate (if you so choose), 3. an offer for a new Columbia item that we can mail to you at no charge for the duration of your time here. So, I understand you are calling in regard to a windbreaker jacket you purchased from us. Can I get your name and information please?

- Morganica Shelbi

I am having trouble with the zippers on my Columbia Fleece Jacket. Can you help me? ...

- Hanni Kare

"I want to reach Columbia Sportswear support."

- Laney Emilia

I want to reach Columbia Sportswear's support line, but have no idea which number to call. What should I do?

- Enrica Drucy

I would like to reach Columbia Sportswear, so that I can buy a new jacket.

- Brear Mina

I love Columbia sportswear. I have always been able to reach them for any issue I have had . Their Customer Service is not only excellent, but their clothing has never failed to deliver! It is comfortable, durable, and worth the price tag.

- Bathsheba Janeczka

There are two ways to connect to Columbia Sportswear Customer Service. The fastest and easiest way to contact our customer service team is by email. We’re available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm Pacific Time (except national holidays). The second way to connect with us is via phone. We are available until 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 1pm on weekends.

- Linnea Antonie

I am a very active person. I live by the ocean and love the outdoors. I have been known to hike and ski or snowboard. All of this takes wonderful clothing that is comfortable and fits me well. Columbia Sportswear makes wonderful jackets for that purpose. If you go to their site you will find jackets on offer from warm to cool weather, fleeces, shirts, hoodies with or without zip-off sleeves, pants, shorts and much more.

- Lacie Krystalle

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How does this service work?
  1. When you press “Call Now” we'll call you immediately and connect you to the customer service number.
  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.