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Reasons other customers are calling Apple

I am calling Apple customer support to see if they can help me out. Normally I use my Mac computer, but it's broken and I need to use the apps on my iPhone. But, when it comes to Wi-Fi, nothing is working properly. The signal is dropping quickly and it won't pick up signals unless I'm really close to the router. I don't have an unlimited data plan and having iPhone problems make me call Apple support to find out how to fix this. Hopefully, they can help troubleshoot the problem and recommend some solutions.# # with Ultimate Ears wireless earphones. The single button

- Lainey Charita

I am calling Apple customer support to correct a credit card issue.”

- Jorry Ferne

I am calling Apple customer support to address a charging issue with my iphone. I would like to speak with someone from tech-support.

- Cornie Lonee

I am calling Apple customer service because some

- Thomasin Odelia

I'm calling Apple support to troubleshoot an issue with my laptop. My issue is that my screen, when I press either the space bar or enter key, it doesn't type a space or return, it types a capital A and it won’t go away.''

- Nollie Sal

Call Apple Customer Service and get what you need for your Apple device. We can help answer questions about new products, software updates, repair services, plus much more. We'll help you find the answers you need quickly - all in one place on

- Wilow Anthe

Assessing the words to say The operator says, "Please hold." It's January 2011 and I'm at an Apple store with my MacBook Air held tightly under my arm. An Apple support specialist named Josh answers. "How can I be of assistance?" I tell him my laptop is supposed to get ten hours of battery life. "Actually," he corrects me, "it's supposed to get nine hours of battery life." I interrupt him, because this method is fraught with complicating factors such as ambient temperature. He's already growing annoyed. "So you're calling about your battery life," he summarizes, clearly not

- Anica Vannie

I want to reach Apple support to find out why my iPhone seems defective.

- Chlo Holly

I want to reach Apple support to get help fighting Apple. but when I try I can only reach the automated voice mail system, which clearly states that it doesn't offer phone support. This is bad for me because when I try to contact them, they don't take my calls. So basically, Apple is not taking my calls.

- Aimil Anastasie

I want to reach Apple support or a real person. I need a little help. Will a human pick up?''' Apple's new support system uses 'bots that sound just like real people, but are they? We find out in this parody of the classic Turing Test and compare what we experienced over the phone with what we would expect!

- Maddi Alexine

The i Phone has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with each other. Apple support is one of the services that offer assistance to users of Apple products. I want to reach them by using a contact form on their website, but it doesn't seem convenient. It would be nice if I could call them instead, but there is no phone number anywhere on their site.

- Lisetta Georgeanne

This is the official site where you can contact Apple support.

- Valenka Julina

With more than 100 million customers and award winning products, Apple is the most recognized consumer technology brand in the world. It’s also the #1 seller of Mac computers and iPad tablets. So it’s no surprise that when people face a problem, they want to contact Apple. But lately, due to the influx of calls we have received from our users, getting through to us can be a challenge. For your benefit and for each other, we ask you to follow these steps if you need technical assistance:

- Stevena Britney

Get help and tips. We can all get Apple support with our 24/7 chat and phone options. Then, you can set up calls from your organization for one user or an entire team. It's a great way to stay on the same page and always have access to Apple's support team.

- Darelle Kiley

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