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JetBlue Airways Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling JetBlue Airways

I am calling JetBlue Airways customer support to inquire about the status of my

- Raphaela Roseann

I am calling JetBlue Airways customer support to rebook my flight tomorrow at 6 pm.

- Alessandra Mireielle

I am calling JetBlue Airways customer support to offer a better solution for the airline's customers. An airline that makes it easy and affordable to fly has no need for invasive pat-downs, or the less-invasive backscatter x-ray machines being introduced by several airports across the country.

- Poppy Amelie

I am calling JetBlue Airways customer support to complain about the terrible experience I had on the flight from Newark to Los Angeles. The plane was extremely late and this caused a lot of trouble with my connections in Los Angeles. Even though I was ready at the airport early, when the plane arrived it was delayed leaving and we were waiting on the plane for a long time before they opened up the doors. Then there was no compensation or even an apology from the airline. I don't understand why you have such terrible quality control.

- Alis Gracia

I am calling JetBlue Airways to get help with this issue. I am calling because my bags were lost on an international flight from Bogota, Colombia to New York City last weekend. I have not received my bags yet, or heard any information from JetBlue about them since the flight left Bogota nearly two days ago.

- Flory Linet

JetBlue Airways, my favorite airline! I am calling to make a reservation for a trip this weekend.

- Loraine Catrina

I waited on hold for more than 30 minutes before a JetBlue staff member picked up the phone.

- Miran Veronike

I want to reach JetBlue Airways support to change my flight

- Kathlin Dorise

I want to reach JetBlue Airways support to: �� Rebook my flight �� Get an animal on the plane �� Check in with my dog

- Genny Karlen

I want to reach JetBlue Airways support to give them my feedback about their newly introduced voice recognition system. I do not like the changes that they have made to it and instead I want to talk with someone who can understand me and help me fix the problem that I am having.'']

- Terese Lexi

I want to reach JetBlue Airways support to find out whether I will be able to use my iPhone while flying with them. We're also frequently asked if you can use an iPhone equipped with one of our kits while flying. And frankly, we hear that question occasionally from people who aren't even using our products. We receive a lot of feedback on Twitter about this topic, so today I'm sharing some of that information here on the blog in case others are wondering the same thing.

- Gleda Mechelle

Reach JetBlue Airways support online or by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) in the United States from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Sunday. We will need your confirmation number (which starts with JB) and email address to make sure you are getting help from the right department.

- Rebecka Suzi

I keep dropping calls when I am talking to JetBlue Airways Customer Service on my cell phone. Is there a way for me to get a callback number? I live in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, CA if that makes a difference.

- Anatola Kristen

Need to get in touch with JetBlue? Use the Live Chat feature on our help desk to talk to a representative about your flight or request additional information from one of our friendly agents. You can also chat directly with a Customer Relation Agent or send us an email through our help desk.

- Bibbie Carmelita

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