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Bell Canada Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Bell Canada

I am calling Bell Canada customer support to see if they will offer me a better deal on my home internet service. I'd like to stream movies and TV shows at the highest speed using Fibe TV go. * Presence-The call was greeted by a friendly automated voice and followed by the options of speaking in English or French. * Resolved-The representative offered me several add-on services, including free installation, extra ports, and a higher speed package. I would also be receiving a complementary router upon updating my service, and would not be charged any upfront fees for the changes being made. Do you have any other

- Christin Hermine

I am calling Bell Canada customer support to discuss my issue. My customer representative right now is and I am

- Jaclyn Devonne

I am calling Bell Canada customer support to make an appointment at this time, because my phone bill of last month is not correct. I would like to speak to someone about a possible discrepancy in my billing information from last month. Thank you."

- Maressa Angelica

Hi, I am calling Bell Canada customer support to talk about disconnecting my home phone service in July. I want to make sure that any outstanding balances are paid off so the remaining payment can be applied to my cell phone bill.

- Else Maryellen

I'm calling Bell Canada customer support to speak with my case manager, Mike Johnson.

- Adria Chery

I am calling Bell Canada customer service number to speak to an agent immediately regarding my internet.

- Marietta Revkah

Call Bell Canada customer support to dispute a charge on my last Bell bill. This is the first bill I have received since moving to my new place of residence."

- Lizette Lena