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I am calling Boston Scientific customer support to find out the status of my implant. I am making sure that there are no issues with the operation. This is a typical call to the customer support line at [Assistant] Hello, my name is [Name]. I am calling Boston Scientific Customer Support. I cannot find a number from this area code. Unfortunately, due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot give you status updates on patient cases from this number, but we do have a service department. The closest service center is located in _______. If you would like a callback from the service team, please call our 900 number at

- Celestyna Ailene

I am calling Boston Scientific customer support to resolve an issue with one of my devices. I have the information for the account readily available. I am calling about a Parson's Brachyterpy device Model Number: 795000.

- Alvera Xylina

I am calling Boston Scientific customer support to find out where my stent is. The call center for the company is located in India. I have been placed on hold. It's twenty minutes into the call and I don't seem to be making any progress towards getting help with my problem.

- Rosemaria Kissiah

call into Boston Scientific for live customer support. A) The company was founded in 1978 B) Their headquarters are located in the United States C) Boston Scientific specializes in making medical devices D) In 2009, they acquired Guidant E) They were started by a surgeon F) They bought Guidant, the world’s largest heart-valve maker G) The technology they offer has enabled surgeons to perform minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

- Selma Susie

As your trusted vascular solutions provider, Boston Scientific has a variety of support and education options for you. From videos to articles to live support, we want you to have the support you need so you can get back to what matters most-your life. * Press the Call button above to connect directly with Boston Scientific Customer Support on a live call. * You may be asked to leave a message and a representative will contact you shortly.

- Lucretia Tonye

The Personalized Care Card is the key to receiving the Boston Scientific Personal Support People you need, right when you need them.

- Joelie Leoline

I know I found the right person when I called BS

- Giovanna Ula

I want to reach Boston Scientific support to report an issue. I want to speak with a product expert who can help me trouble shoot a device issue. And I want to ensure the entire conversation is documented in my patient portal and accessible in my mHealth account.

- Jeniece Shela

Reach Boston Scientific support by calling +1-888-427-2548 and speak with a representative whenever you need assistance.

- Tanya Mariska

Contact customer service assistance to reach Boston Scientific support and resolve your concerns. Call today for prompt, expert help and access to medical professionals who can answer your questions about you or a loved one's health. You can even speak to a cardiologist about your condition if you have one. Available at 1-800-394-8808

- Liza Ruperta

If you were looking for Boston Scientific support, we suggest you contact Boston Scientific directly. ... Please visit the corporate website using the link below:

- Else Crystal

Please reach out to Boston Scientific support by providing the following information and they will be in touch with you shortly. * Email address of requestor * Account number if available * Phone number of requestor * Desired email or phone number for response

- Cassandra Shela

Contacting Boston Scientific For help will be very simple. Either find a live chat icon, or a telephone number to call. Boston scientific always updates their website with the latest information, tools and downloads. Check back regularly to see what new items have been added and bookmark this page so you can reference it in the future.

- Isis Kit

If after filling out this form, you still have unanswered questions or need to follow up with a Boston Scientific support representative, please e-mail: [email protected] __

- Meggie Emmye