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Amazon Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Amazon

I am calling Amazon customer support to help cancel my order. Can you please help? Open your door to the world of shopping, with the sleek Shopping Genie by your side. This touchscreen device provides a personal shopping assistant that allows you to search for anything and everything, read reviews, compare prices, request items be purchased and delivered to your home, and much more. Welcome to the Amazon family.

- Odelinda Dulcia

I am calling Amazon customer support to resolve an issue with my order

- Philly Michelle

I am calling Amazon customer support to ask why it is that I have not received my order, and they are telling me that because my order was placed from the I-Phone, I have to wait 24 hours for the order to go through. Anyone in contact with Amazon support please send a message to let them know about how ridiculous this business practice is, especially from an international buyer like myself.

- Vera Elana

I'm calling Amazon customer support to inquire about an order I placed on the Amazon website.

- Maisie Yasmeen

I’m calling Amazon customer support because I have a problem with my order.

- Jada Albertina

Yesterday I called Amazon customer support because my Kindle Fire tablet was not charging with either of my 2 chargers that I had purchased for that purpose. The CSR told me to open the device and then told me it was a hardware problem. They are sending me a brand new Kindle Fire HD 7 as a replacement device free of charge!!! OMG AMAZON ROCKS !!!

- Idell Daffy

I want to reach Amazon support to ask if I can return my slow WIFI router that does not connect for more than 5sec. It is also a D-Link router that advertises an Ethernet Port but there are no ports on the back. The only ports other than power are the WIFI antenna which is a mini USB port for pushing out WIFI and a reset button if the WIFI crashes, no externally visible MAC address, no reset button, and the power input is covered by wires making it imposible to troubleshoot the device to troubleshoot any networking issues should they occur

- Loreen Lyn

I wanted to reach the customer service but I could not find a way to do it. And about the product I wanted the conversation, but I didn't find anything about it.There is nothing written in the manual how to reach Amazon support or return the product.

- Flossie Dorine

We're excited to announce Amazon Customer Service, a new and easy way for Amazon customers to interact with agents about their orders. Now you can quickly message us by phone or chat on the web from the Amazon App on your smart phone or any computer. It's secure, it's convenient, it's just another way that we're working hard to make shopping with Amazon the most customer-centric experience possible.

- Avivah Mariana

Make your case heard. It’s easy to reach out to Amazon and let them know how disappointed you are in their product, and why. Just search for the specific book and choose "1-Click this Book". This will take you to that book’s page on Amazon, where you can leave a 1-star review with your thoughts about the problem. If you would like, you may also click on the little “Email Seller” button to fill out the standard Amazon seller message form and send it directly to Amazon’s customer service team. Don't forget, anyone can

- Harmony Bobbye

I have a new Fire TV that I received as a gift that is not being recognized by wireless, and so I am unable to receive any items that I have purchased or receive any free items that Amazon has.

- Gilly Chickie

My brother and I are legally blind and use Amazon for just about everything we do because we can get a screen reader for Android. It makes it very hard to purchase anything on a mobile device as the app doesn’t come with a screen reader, so when I saw the Echo Show at the launch event yesterday, I was extremely excited about using it--but soon realized maybe that’s not going to happen. My brother and I can hear fine, but we don’t have very good vision for distance, so a screen reader is essential. Now my brother is not eligible, based on your sight requirements

- Dori Annmarie