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Suncor Energy Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Suncor Energy

I am calling Suncor Energy customer support to''' activate my account. To say I am frustrated and upset is an understatement to say the least.

- Merline Evelina

I am calling Suncor Energy customer support to ask if my bill has been adjusted, as I was not informed by the sales representative that I was signing up for a variable rate.

- Gail Felisha

I am calling Suncor Energy customer support to report a problem with my furnace. The furnace is not working and I need a technician to come out immediately. There are three kids in the home, school is about start and it is very cold. Please have someone call me right away to schedule an appointment. I have been a customer for over 12 years and never had this problem. Thank you so much for your help!

- Amelia Evelina

I'm calling Suncor Energy customer support because I fell down the stairs. Please understand, my pulse is dropping as I type, and I am white with a strange calm. Just one moment on the phone and it will be over. Please press two to speak to a representative. Thank you.

- Goldi Leann

Please press zero to speak to a representative. Thank you for calling Suncor Energy customer support, your call is important to us. If you are an existing customer ending service today or would like to speak with someone directly, please press one for transfer. If you're not an existing customer and you need more information about our products and services along with a free estimate, please press two for transfer. To learn more about how we protect your security and privacy, please press three for transfer. `

- Gisele Andrei

Suncor customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the phone, e-mail, and online chat. Dial 1-800-558-5252 North of the bitumen. Contact us for gas prices and refer to your nearest Suncor station. Email us at

- Raven Hanni

For over 40 years, Canadian oil sands companies have relied on Suncor frac oil. Suncor Energy is Canada's leading integrated energy company, committed to responsibly delivering our energy to the world.

- Chelsea Rosalia

I want to reach Suncor Energy support to discuss price on our oil sands project. I also want to reach Suncor Energy with 11 questions on the price of oil sands, I want to talk to someone at Suncor Energy about costs of our oil sand development and I am looking for a contact number at suncor energy for cost of oil sands development. 2/16/2014

- Kissie Cornelia

I want to reach Suncor Energy support to speak with an agent about my account or payment options. I want to reach Suncor Energy support so I can learn more about renewable energy. I want to reach a prepaid balance specialist with Visa prepaid.

- Joycelin Ronni

Contact Suncor Energy support quickly and easily. A phone number you can use as a shortcut to help you get the support you need. Select the appropriate option to reach Suncor Energy`s North America customer service team as quickly as possible. Talk to a customer service representative about billing questions, loss of power, or any other issue you want to resolve.

- Adelheid Rebeka

I need to get support in Suncor Energy. I want to talk with someone regarding my account, but don't know who is the ideal person. Could you make a call for me?'''

- Laurene Emlynne

Quickly reach Suncor Energy with the Auto-Dialer. When a customer calls in, the system transfers their call to the Suncor Energy call center. An IVR tree will guide your customer through their inquiry and then transfer them to an agent if required. Once transferred, audio is captured for post-call review and quality assurance purposes.

- Gwenni Shaylyn

You have reached Suncor Energy Inc., North America’s premier energy supplier, we supply crude oil and natural gas to our market with the best of supporting products to our customers. We specialize in serving the commercial, industrial and retail markets. Suncor Energy Inc., formerly known as Suncor Inc., is a Canadian petroleum company that engages in extracting and upgrading crude oil and natural gas deposits.

- Myrilla Cate

The new is a more efficient way to connect with Suncor Energy information and services. The site is mobile friendly and supports both desktop and mobile browsers. The new features streamlined navigation, along with the ability to easily find news, view our latest investor updates, purchase shares or request a tour of one of our facilities. All while being respectful of your time and privacy.

- Lib Rozanna