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Delta Air Lines Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Delta Air Lines

I am calling Delta Air Lines customer support to see if they will assist me in having my son’s ticket refunded. He has been inoperative for over a week and needs assistance. I have been on hold for over 40 minutes . . .

- Cassondra Stefanie

I am calling Delta Air Lines customer support to complain about the poor seating conditions on my last flight.

- Ula Bette-ann

I am calling to Delta Air Lines customer support, an expert is standing by.

- Sisely Cam

I am calling Delta Air Lines customer service to solve this flight delay issue. I am waiting on hold to get an agent.

- Julee Maureen

What the all? I am sitting on hold at Delta Air Lines customer support for over 10 minutes. Let me call someone who will actually help me.

- Hyacintha Elbertina

I called Delta Air Lines today, to speak with a representative regarding a faulty airline tray table. I was told that because they are a big company, and have excellent customer service they would not let me talk to a supervisor, or any other representative. They stated that all supervisors were too busy to talk to customers. I requested to speak with their manager and/or top customer service contact and was curtly denied. I thought this might be important for others to be aware of. Having worked in customer service most of my life, I am sure there is an opportunity here for someone to improve things.

- Lilian Bonnie

Due to the current International situation, every effort is being made to accommodate our customers. This includes waiving of the phone priority wait list. Customer support has been available at all hours over the weekend to help with flight updates and ticketing assistance. Our customer service representatives are standing by at 1-800-225-2525 (1 866 995 2525 outside North America) to help with any questions you may have regarding travel updates and ticketing information. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this international situation.

- Penelope Suzanna

I want to reach Delta Air Lines support to get service

- Melitta Geneva

We understand that reaching Delta Air Lines customer service can be daunting. We have broken it down to answer frequently asked questions.

- Jolene Theressa

You can reach Delta Air Lines' customer care department, Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm Central Time by calling 800-221-1212. The agent will not only be able to assist you in troubleshooting your Wi-Fi connection, but they can also help you make reservations and book flights.

- Wrennie Rosemonde

Contact Delta Air Lines 24/7 for flight changes, up-to-date flight information, lost and found inquiries or to check on a bag. Reach a Delta Air Line at 1-800-221-1212.

- Petronille Marge

Call Delta 24/7—for schedules, flight information, reservations and more

- Tedi Liz

On, you can easily chat with a customer support representative to assist you with any question or concern you have about your flight and your reservation. Simply chat with us live by clicking the chat icon in the upper right corner.

- Jewell Amanda

Our goal is to help you get where you’re going. Our self-service options put you in control of your travel experience. You no longer have to wait on hold, or make the trip there and back again—if you need to speak with someone, just click the chat icon and speak with an agent.”

- Gerry Carilyn