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Aramark Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Aramark

I am calling Aramark customer support to offer feedback about my dining experience with this product. Hello my name is _________ , I was at the restaurant at =

- Gavrielle Jeralee

I am calling Aramark customer support to fix an erroneous charge on my account. I am articulate and will express myself very clearly so that he can understand me. I will start off with a friendly greeting. I want to be empathetic by appreciating his role and explaining how important of a role he has in fixing my issue. I will be creating rapport by using the person’s name and making eye contact when appropriate. I will alert him of the importance of my call by telling him that it slips right on top of me providing excellent customer service. I will sound credible by saying attractive company behaviors such as getting

- Alysia Mathilde

I am calling Aramark customer support to see if I can obtain the work release forms because I intend on attending a family reunion and my family will be traveling from out of state. So, they need to apply at least 30 days before they leave.

- Trish Kathlin

I am calling Aramark customer support to discuss a solution to a problem I had yesterday. I placed an order for lunch and the pizza arrived with cheese on top and no pepperoni. I called back and asked for pepperoni and it was not added. The usual process is I have pepperoni added to my pizza and proceed to eat my lunch.

- Avrit Cariotta

I am calling Aramark customer support to confirm a delivery time – and I always have the number on hand in case there’s a problem. 3 got it, thanks – I don’t want my food to get cold. ` Okay, I’m all set.

- Madelle Melisent

I am calling Aramark customer support to discuss my complaint with the elevator glass at the new Quonset Business Plaza building. To begin with, I did not authorize this use of my card. Secondly, the arrival of the men's room was very unprofessional. I did bring up this complaint however there was little or no reaction by the service manager of Quonset Business Plaza. I plan on taking further action if this issue is not resolved in a timely fashion.

- Eveline Louise

I want to reach Aramark support to request a refund for my order. I have returned the product, and nobody has asked me for this information yet.

- Fred Vivienne

Dial the telephone number displayed on your screen to reach Aramark support. Have your personal Aramark Card on hand, located above the LCD for easy reference. Use of the telephone feature will not result in additional charges, and does not require Internet access.

- Wenona Caye

The Aramark Call Center is open to handle all of your support needs. Just call 877-ARAMARK (2725637) between the hours of 7am and 7pm EST, Monday through Friday. Please refer to the following guide in order to reach our team:

- Leshia Tammy

On the front of this button is an image indicating that it should take visitors to Aramark support. Unfortunately, they won't find it by clicking there. But users don't care that they can't contact Aramark using the image on the button. They know what they're doing, and this is a miscalculation on Walmart's part.

- Audrie Mandi

In order to create an account or initiate a chat with Aramark support, you must have an Aramark Supplier Passport (ASP) account. If you are a new Aramark customer you must first register for an ASP. Follow this link:

- Koressa Xylina

Get real time answers to your questions through our mobile app designed for Aramark customers. View your purchases and balance, modify your supply orders, manage requisitions, and access other valuable information in a fast and convenient way. The Aramark App connects you to experts who will help resolve your issues from anywhere on the globe.

- Eilis Augustine