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Alaska Air Group Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Alaska Air Group

I am calling Alaska Air Group customer support to complain that American Airlines consistently overbooked flights. Every day, they took reservations for more passengers than could fit on the plane. They did not use a priority list when doing this; no matter how much I paid to fly with them, they bumped me off the flight for no good reason. If I took my business elsewhere, they would not refund the difference between what I prepaid and the amount they charged to rebook with another airline.

- Maryann Pierrette

I am calling Alaska Air Group customer support to address a billing issue.

- Cassy Erina

Call Alaska Air Group customer support to upgrade an existing reservation or with any questions regarding your plans. Alaska Airlines, Inc. is the ninth largest airline in the United States, operating an all-jet fleet to 58 destinations from hubs at Portland International Airport (PDX), Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), and Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC). Presenting Sponsor: TD Bank, N.A.

- Noella Max

The cardholder, William R. Anders, began by calling Alaska Air Group customer support to congratulate the company on its recent financial results. After several minutes on hold and some time spent being transferred to different customer service representatives, he was disconnected.

- Kaitlynn Ursola

You can also call Alaska Air Group customer support by dialing (800)-670-2ATL.

- Berget Venus

Customer Support - Alaska Airlines Contact information: 800-242-7500

- Helaine Taffy

I am calling to confirm that I will be flying on [DATE] on flight _____ on the following itinerary….[PROCESS THE INFORMATION YOU COLLECTED ABOUT THE CUSTOMER’S ITINERARY]. Can you make any seat changes, including upgrades? We just need to know if the flight is eligible for an upgrade. Sorry, we only offer upgrades to our Mileage Plan elite members. Where might we be able to help you with your plans today? I want to change my flight time because my meeting ran over …Maybe I do need a refund then …[EDIT FROM THERE

- Gavra Sammy

The I want to reach Alaska Air Group support to airline is an iOS and Android mobile app that provides a convenient, cost-effective way for customers to contact Alaska Airlines directly. The app allows customers to send messages from their iOS or Android devices and receive messages in return. The new messaging platform will replace the current texting system that uses a third-party provider.

- Enriqueta Paulita

I want to reach Alaska Air Group support to solve my problem instead of talking online with a computer. I want to reach Alaska Air Group support to solve my problem.

- Diannne Lana

I want to reach Alaska Air Group support to review my flights

- Shirlee Verene

You can now reach Alaska Air Group support directly! With our online contact form, you can easily submit a request to enable iSchedule functionality on your current support site. This will allow customers to select preferred times for their air travel needs and easily use the Alaska Airlines site to search and purchase flights.

- Kynthia Lucinda

In a recent focus group conversation, we learned that many of you wanted an easier way to reach us. With that in mind, we have created this tech support page. While you can still connect with us by calling the phone number on the back of your ticket or taking advantage of our travel tool center, you now have a convenient way to quickly connect with our tech support team. And it’s absolutely free!

- Talyah Aili

Hello from AlaskaAir Group. You can reach our customer support department by dialing 1-800-338-2248. Thanks for contacting us! Best regards, Alaska Air Group

- Raquel Adrianne

Contact Alaska Airlines Reservations or Alaska Air Group Sales at 1-800-ALASKAAIR, 1-800-252-7522

- Carlita Nada