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American Eagle Outfitters Customer Service Phone Number

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American Eagle Outfitters Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling American Eagle Outfitters

I am calling American Eagle Outfitters customer support to find out if there is a replacement for my defective tag that I purchased online. It seems to have a knob that came off the back of it, and I cannot seem to put it back on...It's customer support number is 1-800-938-3232. My social security number is 123-45-678. I am calling from Sydney, Australia. I purchased this tag from the Los Angeles Website. Thanks, Tina Stevens

- Estrellita Natalya

I am calling American Eagle Outfitters customer support to see how you guys can help me out. I have a name brand duffle bag that keeps getting ripped open every time I take it on a flight. I think this should be against the law, because it is clearly poorly made! It's only been a couple of months and it has probably landed in a million pieces somewhere in CA by now. This is not acceptable!

- Anissa Nanci

Hi; I am calling American Eagle Outfitters to return this shirt because it doesn't have a tag on it that

- Anna Jamie

I called to cancel my American Eagle Outfitters credit card because I did not purchase the merchandise in question. They denied my refund.

- Aida Dian

American Eagle Outfitters is dedicated to providing its customers the best possible shopping experience. For questions

- Indira Mari

Hi, I am Ashley ____ with American Eagle Outfitters. Thanks for contacting us. I will be able to address any concern you might have.

- Johannah Bernadene

caller: Hello, I am calling with regards to a recent order I placed on

- Junette Ofella


- Aeriela Atlante

Find the destination address of an American Eagle Outfitters store near you to contact us or make a purchase.

- Malissa Gwendolin

Achieve the style you want at American Eagle Outfitters. We offer a huge selection of jeans, t-shirts and hoodies in different colors, styles, and cuts to suit any occasion. Our jeans collection includes distressed denim, skinny jeans, bootcut denims, straight leg jeans and other self-expression items to help you build a unique look that's all your own. American Eagle Outfitters offers on-trend tops, from flannel shirts and graphic tees to baseball tees and plaid shirts.

- Mina Cindi

Heads-up! American Eagle Outfitters to close 150 stores in 2017

- Pat Cindra

We want to help when you travel. Contact American Eagle Outfitters here. if you have any questions about your luggage, or just need some assistance while you're on the go, contact us!

- Nonie Chery

Shop online for American Eagle Outfitters Men's and Women's Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Free Shipping on purchases over $50*.

- Leticia Georgiana

With our extensive American Eagle community of friends located in every corner of the country, we have become the online destination for authentic denim, edgy and polished apparel, as well as accessories for men, women and kids. Our legendary denim shorts and versatile tees have become icons that represent a laid-back but stylish attitude. We know you lead a rich life, so we bring you must-have products to express every aspect of it through surprising details and unexpected colors.

- Lucretia Alayne

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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.