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XPO Logistics Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling XPO Logistics

I am calling XPO Logistics customer support to help me resolve a problem with my last package.

- Arda Adoree

I am calling XPO Logistics customer support to report a missing package.

- Allix Melba

I am calling XPO Logistics customer support to make a complaint about the shipping of my package. The tracking number is `TRACKING NUMBER` and the order confirmation number is RERH123456.

- Judie Guendolen

I am calling Xpo Logistics customer support to get help because I do not understand how to handle claims. I have been trying to file a claim on a package that it was delivered to me damaged and it has been 3 weeks and no one has tried to contact me. I don't feel that it is right that they are doing nothing about the situation.

- Toma Cherri

When you call XPO, a Customer Support Specialist answers every call in less than 1 second. We are located in Omaha, Nebraska, and we have a simple goal – to offer the best possible customer service to our customers. We know you’re already busy running your business, or playing golf or spending time with family. And although we may never actually meet in person, at XPO Logistics, we all work together to help make your life easier through transportation logistics.`

- Danella Natasha

Cancel your XPO Logistics account.

- Tabbie Flossie

Secure. Reliable. Affordable. Those are just a few of the reasons you have trusted XPO Logistics as your partner in transportation for over 25 years! Call us today at 1-877-937-3766. »»

- Orella Virginie

I want to reach XPO Logistics support to place an order with my freight carrier. My account number is

- Orelia Lexie

I am trying to reach XPO Logistics support to deliver my question. Can any human please route me to their customer service department and help me resolve this? I called the company 1-888 number and no one is answering after several attempts. Please help, thank you for ultimate help...

- Bonni Malissia

Can I contact XPO Logistics support directly from the app?

- Linell Johnette

Call XPO Logistics using the phone number provided. Press 1 to reach voice mail and leave a brief message describing your issue. Callers from outside the United States should follow the international calling instructions.''

- Vally Lauretta

Get in touch with XPO Logistics customer service at any time of day or night. Click the link to get support and answers to your questions including how to apply for a job, how to schedule a pickup, or how to claim compensation.

- Eudora Kellyann

The XPO Logistics support phone number is (866) 332-7440. The hours of operation are from 7 AM to 7 PM EST. Information about the company that you need to know is that they are a transportation and logistics company based in St. Louis, Missouri and are publicly traded on Nasdaq under the symbol XPO.C

- Kendra Annette

We provide world-class customer service through our network of support centers. XPO Logistics supports its customers from the origin to the destination in more than 40 countries. With more than 4,000 dedicated experts and a state-of-the-art service network, we provide innovative supply chain solutions, and give customers enhanced visibility and control over their logistics networks. In everything we do, we strive to be our customers’ partner of choice.

- Meggie Tobye

I want to contact support Contact XPO Logistics Support.

- Meaghan Othilie

Each of these private messaging capabilities allow you to contact XPO Logistics representatives directly from within your trade or supply chain management system. This functionality is designed to help you reduce your total cost of ownership, increase productivity, and maintain better control over your business wherever it may go.

- Rochette Lilian

When you need help, you just pick up the phone. All of our customer service representatives are based in North America, so you never get routed to another country with a difficult-to-understand accent. And because your problems are usually related to XPO Logistics’ services and products, an agent can solve your problem right away. We call that Level 5 Customer Care: it's personal, knowledgeable and efficient. If you're not satisfied with your call, we'll try again. And if we don't get it right the second time — well let's just say that we'll keep on trying until you're

- Noelyn Maurise

Use XPO Logistics' Chat to connect with a live representative. From the comfort of your own home, get support for shipments whenever you need it. With access to live agents anytime, day or night, you can get answers to detailed questions about our logistics services and our industry expertise.

- Edith Carissa

For more information about XPO Logistics and where we operate, please click here. XPO Logistics is a Fortune 500 company which provides a range of transportation and logistics services. . .

- Dona Florencia

The XPO Logistics Community is the go-to resource for questions, answers and tips for anyone who wants (or needs) to talk freight. Because these discussions happen in public, there’s no friction in finding great ideas or tips from other members within our network of customers, carriers and employees – making it the best place to share knowledge and best practices.

- Helena Tabitha

XPO Logistics is the third-largest third-party logistics provider in North America. They specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses grow through a number of business and supply chain solutions including transportation, warehousing and logistics management. Whether you have an existing operation or are putting together a supply chain for the first time, XPO Logistics can help you build a system that works for your business. One Call Does it All!

- Queenie Lula

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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
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