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AT&T Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have AT&T Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


AT&T Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling AT&T

I am calling AT&T customer support to see why my bill is so high! I can't wait for the Indian tech support to pick up so that we can discuss the options they have and find a solution that will benefit all parties involved. After all, I was once a customer of theirs and I don't want their bill being so high, either. "Technologically Advanced in Every Way At AT&T, we believe in providing customers with the very best communications services available today. And it is our goal to make them easy to use and affordable. Our network of nationwide wireless data coverage is available through multiple technology platforms

- Annnora Meagan

I am calling AT&T customer support to discover how I can get the Internet access at my house. Before paying for the installation of a new DSL line, I want to make sure it will work where I live.Why? Because I wouldn’t want to waste any time making a wait appointment and then paying a technician to find out that it won’t work. ______ sounds broken

- Xena Selle

I am calling AT&T customer support to resolve an issue I am having with my cell phone service. My call is being recorded for security and training purposes.

- Cordy Cecil

I am calling AT&T customer support to get information about text messaging. My employer uses AT&T to send out text messages to employees and I think they have messed up my information. The first representative’s dialogue is below. Based on his dialogue, how would you get the representative to answer your question?” [Questions 7-12]

- Rodina Germain

When you call AT&T customer support, it's available in over 150 countries around the world. So whether you need to schedule a new appointment with your service provider because your phone isn't working or you'd like some more information about your wireless bill statement, we're here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have high quality automated self-service troubleshooting tools, so our trained specialists don't need to hand-hold you through basic tasks. With our simple diagnostic tools, we can handle most common issues faster. The result is a better customer experience for you.

- Janot Ranice

This is what happened when we took a call to AT&T customer support:

- Sydel Mandie

Customer support representative, thank you for taking my call. I am calling because my TV is having some problems. The picture and sound will not work. When I choose to watch a show the screen just goes blank. What should I do?

- Loren Kalinda

You can Now Reach AT&T® Support 24/7 with the new AT&T App. The new app is designed to streamline components of the support experience and make it more accessible to customers on their devices. We’ve built the new app to reflect our commitment to making things easier for you, so you can get answers quickly and communicate with us in an easier way. Downloads - The Download button will now be available inside of the app and give you access to updates and new apps. Service - Allows users to update their User ID, manage their services, view billing statements and make payments when needed as well

- Ebba Antonina

Talk to an AT&T support agent right from your mobile phone. Need help with your account, billing, accessories, or just want to learn more about AT&T? Our agents can help you find answers and provide friendly service when you need it most.

- Greta Hyacinth

Expert assistance always available.  Your personal, 24/7 AT&T U-verse Customer Support line  provides unlimited help from a live person whenever you need us---at home, at work, or on your cell phone. It's now easy to get questions about your TV, internet and phone service answered by an expert you can call directly at any time of the day or night.  With our new Personalized One-Year Agreement, we offer the following services for one continuous low price  including:

- Regine Carlin

Search for your answer, go to the page you want to visit, open the tabs you need. But sometimes, it’s just too much. So make one stop and hit the AT&T button inside the browser on Windows Phone 8 and head right to customer support. And soon, you can also do the same on Android

- Freda Victoria

With our more than 25,000 AT&T employees in 170 countries, we`ll help you find the right answers to your questions. You can get great deals on new phones and plans, plus get tips to make your mobile life easier. Plus, use our online chat to connect with a support agent, or when you preplan a few weeks before the future date.

- Ettie Midge

Transfer your existing number to AT&T to keep your phone number, take advantage of our great value plans, enjoy the latest smartphones with Mobile Share Advantage and much more. Call us now by dialing

- Tiff Heather

No need to wait on hold for support. Just dial 1-800-331-0500 and press option 2 for your desired support option.

- Amy Zaneta