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CenturyLink Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling CenturyLink

open a new account. I am calling CenturyLink customer support to activate my internet modem.

- Neila Trixie

I am calling CenturyLink customer support to see if they can understand why I have not received my Internet service. First of all, look at this screen shot. This is what happens when I try to access CenturyLink's chat. They want me to buy something. How can I buy what I do not have? Appears to me that the first thing you should do is sell what you already got on your web site. Number two, there should be a link within the chat and in fact, all channels and media available, should send people directly to an agent.

- Aretha Gerty

I am calling CenturyLink customer support to discuss the billing options for my business. Thank you.`

- Jeanne Grissel

I am calling CenturyLink customer support to see how I can get a refund on my bill.

- Rica Jaquelyn

I am calling CenturyLink customer support..." is an example of a statement and the explanatory sentence afterward that explains the commonality of the message.

- Emmy Filia

I am calling CenturyLink customer support.

- Wileen Amargo

I′ve been a CenturyLink customer for two years and have experienced nothing but great service until last week. I called customer support after hours, trying to resolve a billing issue and instead of getting what I needed, I was told by an operator to call back the next day when there were more agents available. Well that didn′t work for me. I hung up and tried again with a different department—still in the middle of my call, one of your operators disconnected my call just as I was getting through to someone who could help me. Unbelievable!

- Dorian Mercy

I want to reach CenturyLink support to resolve a billing issue.

- Adria Licha

I want to reach CenturyLink support to report an issue with my Internet service.

- Lory Odelia

The I Want to Reach CenturyLink Support phone app provides a convenient way for you to get access to your CenturyLink account information with just a touch of the screen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At a glance, you will be able to: . View your Service Address information . View your Service Phone Number . Directly connect to our Customer Contact Center Staff . Place a service order request for non-emergency work on your account

- Romona Con

Would you like to reach CenturyLink customer support? If you are a customer, please press one. If you are not a customer yet, please press two. Then, after selecting the option that best describes your concern, an automated system will ask additional questions to direct your call to a representative. Press zero at anytime to speak with an operator . . .

- Valera Tonia

Connect to the experts at CenturyLink technical support 24 hours a day via chat, email, and phone.

- Marcy Sallyanne

Open your door to the world of support to help you have a wonderful customer experience. This item is a great gift for new CenturyLink customers or those with existing services, offering access to online support, and help with billing inquiries and ordering phone services....

- Daniele Melodie

Call or chat with an industry expert who is familiar with CenturyLink products and services and the technologies that are offered today.

- Beatrice Lainey