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Sherwin-Williams Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Sherwin-Williams

I am calling Sherwin-Williams customer support to confirm my address, I need to order paint and want it shipped directly to the house.

- Glennis Gretel

I am calling Sherwin-Williams customer support to find out what color I need to order for the deck I’m building. I think it’s PT boat gray.”

- Nelle Michelle

I am calling Sherwin-Williams to find out if the product I purchased will be good for my area. I am reading off the number on the can and am giving them my zip code.

- Joyan Charyl

I am calling Sherwin-Williams to order more paint, and you are welcome to listen in. `...` Why is your phone number so important? Your phone calls and comments help us improve our customer service. By sharing your opinions and suggestions, we can make positive changes that mean more to you! So please take a moment to tell us what you think. `... `

- Shanta Carly

____. I am telling them that my local Sherwin-Williams store used a color ____ on my floor that does not match the online color swatch from the company website. It's making me look inexperienced and I'm losing business because of it. I'm hoping to find someone who can help me rectify this. #

- Willy Ansley

So, this is my third time calling Sherwin-Williams to get a sample of paint for a room with an accent wall. My rep has done the first two times and seems to have no access to samples. I’m gonna try her again and see if she can do it.

- Shannen Roxana

I want to reach Sherwin-Williams support to:

- Leisha Jana

Featured Customer I want to reach the support center (844) 722-7888 and give my suggestions of how SJE is helpful to me. First of all, I want to thank you guys for providing such an awesome service. I love painting as it is my passion and hobby. Moreover, the application of fresh coat of paint give a new look to every work in progress.

- Joya Lynda

At Sherwin-Williams, we understand our #1 job is to support you. That's why your team of Sherwallins has created an app that'll allow you to request a quote, locate a store nearby, search for projects you've worked on or share your favorite photos. We also have engineering calculators and material color palettes at the palm of your hand. Now, getting what you need is as easy as reaching out to us!

- Denice Debi

Easily and conveniently access Sherwin-Williams support, including a Contact Us form and live chat service. You can also get to our Shoppe for custom paint colors and accessories for your home, sign up for email updates about the latest news from Sherwin-Williams, or shop product catalogues.

- Odille Ulrica

Get expert help for all of your paint projects at Our experts are here 5 days a week – from answering general questions about color to solving problems with an existing paint job. With product information, video tutorials, and more, we want to make sure you have the tools you need to complete your next painting project.

- Catherina Sheeree

I want to reach from my seat, this heated blanket provides ample warmth with its layer of thermostatically controlled heating wire and is made from soft, pleasant-to-the-touch microfiber.

- Christy Melisandra

Reach us any time of the day or night using our 24/7 support line, email or live chat.

- Julissa Belle