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ConocoPhillips Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling ConocoPhillips

I am calling ConocoPhillips customer support to see if I can apply for the credit card. I have not made a decision, but I’m considering it.

- Suellen Alidia

Listen to audio from a great customer experience by calling ConocoPhillips and using their interactive IVR menu. For this project I performed an automated data collection script on the interactive voice response menu at

- Deonne Collette

Tell us about your last experience with customer support. Which company was it? What did the support center do that really made an impact on you? Let us know at On Twitter visit iamcalling or share your experience on Facebook with the page iamcalling

- Vanny Alys

My full name is ________________. I`m calling to lodge a complaint about the service delivered in my home to our oil tank(s) recently by ConocoPhillips. On ____________________, our ____________ was inspected by a ConocoPhillips technician, and they discovered that there is an issue with the floating lids of your tanks. The floating lids aren`t floating because there is a buildup of oil on them. This substance causes them to lose buoyancy and prevents them from working properly. This is causing oil and other substances to leak into the ground and air around my home with unacceptable consequences

- Frannie Ursula

I have a problem with my ConocoPhillips gas grill. Is it under warranty?'''

- Philippa Thalia

Use this form to send an email to the contact center for ConocoPhillips, find support or report a complaint.

- Hedi Corenda

Our employees understand the importance of a satisfied customer and go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. As your advisor, I will do my best to find you an offer that is right for you and ensure that your questions are answered quickly and correctly. Our goal at ConocoPhillips is to provide our customers with dependable energy and service while maintaining a strong commitment to our communities, employees, shareholders and environment.

- Lenka Star