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Reasons other customers are calling Microsoft

I am calling Microsoft customer support to check my new laptop.

- Dorette Papagena

I am calling Microsoft customer support to solve a problem activating my new Windows 8 product. I have used my web skills to search for answers online..." We have watched this interaction take place. Based on the information provided, we did some research and found a solution, which we will share with you." And now the script takes over! The customer is telling his story from beginning to end while the agent notes and records observations with their microphone off. If the customer ever puts down the phone, they will be making notes about what went well or how they can improve their service. And when the call ends, agents are able to transfer

- Rozamond Trudey

The Customer Support Edition of Windows 7 is for calling Microsoft customer support so you never have to again.

- Camila Nonna

Microsoft Customer Support telephone number +1-800-916-8438 is a technical support service for all Microsoft software and hardware products such as windows. Microsoft provide this helpline services for 24X7 hours and the time zone of this helpline number is Pacific Time USA.

- Staci Emmalynn

Fix it on the phone” is not a solution anymore. Our brand new Support Assist App was created specifically to make sure your problem gets resolved properly and as quickly as possible. The App features interactive A-Z support articles, as wells as provides step-by-step guidance to help you solve common issues (including video) with your Windows system. It also allows you to connect with Microsoft Customer Support via live chat directly from the app or schedule a callback.

- Stacia Channa

Calling Support has never been easier. Microsoft Toolkit lets you look up your problem and see solutions, all from a Help menu item in your browser. Visit in any Web browser and type the number of the support specialist you want to talk to into the search box at the top of the page. Then, click on "Call".

- Dyanna Ashley

Microsoft is now offering a free Service Pack for Wave 3. This update was scheduled to come out yesterday, but due to some software issues the release date has slipped. Rest assured this update will be available soon, and that all Wave 3 machines will get it for free. Quite simply it’s our way of saying thanks for choosing a Microsoft machine. What does this service pack do? First and foremost, it improves the reliability of your system with several bug fixes and better audio quality when using your headset microphone. In addition, your system will have more storage space for saved files, such as pictures you take. We are

- Vania Marsiella

The I want to reach Microsoft support on my phone with one easy click. If you’re a corporate or home user looking to reach Microsoft support by phone at the touch of a button, this is the solution for you. I want to reach Microsoft support provides a fast, reliable and convenient way for you to easily access Microsoft.

- Elise Collen

[On Hold Music by DJ RkrdM] In this video titled, “How to reach Microsoft support on hold” we show you how to download a free music app that will play an endless stream of music while you wait on hold for Microsoft technical support. This is our solution to the copious amount of time spent waiting on hold for support. Hope this can help you out, or even be used at your job site as customer service roles are doing more and more over the phone vs. on site these days. Download the app here:

- Jobie Annabella

Getting to Microsoft Support is as simple as calling 1-877-408-1175 or connecting to the self-service portal at My Phone System

- Viva Evelina

With Microsoft, you can connect to a support professional 24/7. We can help with all your tasks from online research and shopping to looking up directions and barking orders at your Xbox.

- Leonora Mariya

Welcome to Microsoft Technical Support. Please click the link below to continue. If you are calling instead of selecting a link, please have your phone number ready.

- Gwyn Kala

Please call Microsoft support at (425) 868-8080 to talk with someone right away.

- Rani Cthrine

The Microsoft Support site is the place for help, guidance, and access to product information and tools. Which ever support subject you are looking for, has answers!

- Rachael Berty

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