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I’m calling customer support to: Speak with a certified consultant today, “Locate nearby clean harbors services store.” Whether you want to schedule a free pickup of hazardous waste or learn how to better manage your indoor air quality, we can help.

- Zsazsa Cookie

Clean Harbors is standing by to provide customer support 24 hours a day for immediate service through your area’s state one call center. You do not have to wait the two or three days that it may take for a local to contact you, but can begin immediately getting the help that you need. .

- Brandais Karol

Clean Harbors is the leading name in environmental, energy and industrial services. Be sure to have number always handy for Clean Harbors Customer Support, so you can reach someone in the event of an emergency. As a Clean Harbors customer, it's comforting to know that you have access to our experts 24/7 to ensure that your next project is a success.

- Lucine Alexa

Clean Harbors is one of the leading providers of environmental, energy and industrial services to government and commercial customers nationwide. Clean Harbors also provides a variety of high-quality specialty products for industrial applications through its Safety Kleen, Performance Oilfield Services, Specialty Products and Industrial Chemical businesses.

- Saloma Dorisa

Clean Harbors is the top-rated hazardous waste disposal company in the country, processing more than 600 million pounds of waste annually and receiving 99.8% customer satisfaction ratings year after year.

- Jada Dona

Clean Harbors is a leader in the hazardous waste management industry, providing waste management and environmental services nationwide. We offer a full array of services including waste collection; industrial, municipal, and construction demolition recycling; management of asbestos, lead paint and mixed waste; and transportation of chemical wastes for off-site disposal or recycling. Clean Harbors has recycled over 1 billion pounds of hazardous materials since 2000, protecting human health and the environment.

- Amberly Maud

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. provides comprehensive environmental services for a variety of government and commercial clients. Our team of scientific, industrial hygiene and regulatory experts apply state-of-the art technology and innovation to provide our customers with solutions that solve challenges, protect human health and the environment, and improve performance.

- Alysa Juanita