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Reasons other customers are calling Under Armour

I am calling Under Armour customer support to address my complaints regarding the UA ColdGear Infrared colorblock hoodie that I purchased earlier this month. I have spoken with representatives for several days now, and would like to echo my complaint that they have failed me at every level. I bought this hoodie in the color Dirt, to which I was under the assumption that it would be black with white trim, as shown on both the product page and the representation within the app. This is not the case. Instead of black with white trim, what I received is a gray colorblock hoodie with red trim, red logo and

- Becca Auria

I am calling Under Armour customer support to figure out why my shoes make my feet smell so bad and I keep getting blisters. If you have the same problems, just call, too. They might have an answer for us all. _

- Reeta Buffy

Solved: I am calling Under Armour customer support to discuss my credit card information, customer registration, billing issues/ concerns, and other questions I may have for them. Also deal with financial forms for Direct TV.

- Coretta Micki

I am calling Under Armour support to find out how I can exchange the shirts I received due to color and sizing issues. I have not yet used the shirts and they are still in perfect condition.

- Helen-elizabeth Alysia

Are you sure you want to call Under Armour customer support?

- Roanne Jerrilyn

We're here for you. When you have a question about your UA or need assistance with making a return or exchange, we’re ready to help. Get information about the Under Armour phone number for help and service of your products. All product questions and service should be directed to (800) 284-8628...

- Junie Becka

This is my third Under Armour product--first, I bought a pair of t-shirt bra's, then some shorts. Tried the Spine VPD Polo and it was a disaster. I wrote to UA for assistance with availability of bra's in different sizes or even a sport bandeau that would stay in place while wearing a t-shirt. The representative was simply awful. Maybe a secretary--never did say her name--she had to go find out about availability of differently sized sports bra's. She never did tell me and the call ended up hanging up after 20 minutes! Great!!! Been wearing these for

- Carla Rozamond

I want to reach Under Armour support to get help with my store.

- Gisella Robby

Reach Under Armour Support: Audio Pass Program, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and other UA property webpages visited on the UA website are protected by a pass program. Pass program is an implementation of digital rights management to protect such content. Please enter information below to reach Under Armour Support. Find out more by vising the UA support web page at http://www.underarmour.com/contact-us support@underarmour.com Contact us Copyright © 1996 - 2013 Under Armour, Inc., All rights reserved.

- Paolina Catha

Under Armour support is the only way you contact customer service representatives by phone or email, with an average wait time of about 10 minutes.

- Bobinette Lucille

Get in contact with Under Armour, the company that invented performance footwear. Find it in this app under: “companies”. It is a leapfrog way for customers to quickly get in touch and make their voice heard. The support center will be able to solve problems, order products, and dispatch replacements. After contacting the customer service of Under Armour, the customers will receive a call back through the app without needing to punch any new data in cumbersome call centers or long waits on hold..

- Briny Margot

Contact Under Armour customer support via phone, email, or live chat. What can Under Armour do? Under Armour products are built for performance at the highest level. However sometimes things happen to cause your item to no longer be working properly. If you need help with your Under Armour product then we're here to provide it for you.

- Dorelle Brett

Get in touch with Under Armour at any time using the number on the back of your UA Band. To check the status of your order, call or chat directly from an email receipt or shipping confirmation.

- Kaile Ali

Support is Under Armour's number one priority. We are dedicated to ensuring all of our products not only meet, but exceed our sport consumer's expectations.

- Sally Karyl