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General Electric Customer Service Phone Number

Don’t wait on hold, have General Electric Customer Service call you back with an agent on the line.


General Electric Customer Service
Skip waiting on hold and get help from a real person for the following issues.
Reasons other customers are calling General Electric

I am calling General Electric customer support to see if I can get help. My old microwave oven died on Sunday after a short circuit. I purchased it on Nov 21, 2003. I called GE the next day to report the problem because when I opened up the door, smoke came out. The representative said that they would send someone to pick up the dead microwave from my home and they would replace it with another model or a gift card. But after five days of waiting without receiving any news from them, I just stop by at the nearest Walmart in North San Jose and purchased another

- Prissie Mickie

I am calling General Electric customer support to Adjust my refrigerator temperature and Turn my GE profile washer into multi-cycle mode. Effective for residential use only.

- Mandy Rachael

I am calling General Electric customer support to inquire about my new purchase of a gas stove. I am going to be on hold for 45 minutes.

- Yalonda Josie

I am calling General Electric customer support to submit an on line repair request: * Bus Number/name * Bus Number/name * Location * Location * Date of Birth

- Nadiya Daron

We want you to get what you paid for! This GE Microwave was purchased in July 2009, but it is almost three months old. For a household of more than one the microwave was working well; however, after all the family members piled into the kitchen while we were cooking the microwave malfunctioned. We called General Electric customer support to see if there was anything they could do for us, if not we would have to go ahead and pay more money for a new microwave.

- Devan Tracy

few with you will connect you to a customer service representative.

- Clair Megen

make a complaint. We are not getting the service we were promised, and

- Suzette Aigneis

I want to reach GE support, but it seems like there’s no one I can contact. $,$$ just to talk to someone… It seems dumb that getting an answer is so difficult. What am I supposed to do? Call and wait for 6 hours on the phone?

- Mickie Gilbertina

I want to reach GE SUPPORT… not stay on hold. I'm on hold now with you and the wait time is over 21 minutes. Just had a callback from [name], who said I should be talking to somebody on your end and that I need to cuss out the agent at the other end of this call for putting me through so long. I'm pretty sure I don't understand how this works, but that seems ridiculous to me.

- Cicily Mary

If you are looking for the easiest way to contact GE, look no further. With a simple click of our contact button, we will directly connect you with a support agent in less than one minute. If we can't resolve your issue, you'll be connected with a GE representative who is an expert on your area of concern.

- Kat Lenette

GE Answer Center is our secure customer support site where you can check product warranty information, access and download manuals, find answers to common questions or get in touch with GE service. It's the place to go when you are looking for information about a GE appliance.

- Joannes Hildegarde

Each device comes with GE’s customer support team behind it. When you call for help, reach someone who can help. Not a machine. Not an outsourced department in some far away place that doesn’t really know anything about your particular appliance. Reach someone who knows the product and cares about your specific needs. Call anytime of day or night and get answers—in your language—to questions about your oven, range, washer, dryer or refrigerator.

- Ketty Rorie

Get fast and easy access to technical support for GE home appliances. the Smart Appliance Service by iHELP, gives you convenient, on-demand access to GE’s expert technicians. You can choose from a variety of subscription options depending on your needs. Whether you need help with a specific problem or are looking for more in-depth assistance, the Smart Appliance Service by iHELP is here for you.

- Juline Dalia

Get in touch with our GE Appliances support specialists because we have an advanced parts and labor warranty—second to none. Plus, we’re the only major appliance company with repair facilities nationwide. We’re on your side so your appliances will be too. Feel free to give us a call today.

- Merrie Deerdre