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Citibank Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Citibank

So I called Citi Cards support and then this very nice man named told me the following: - If you did NOT activate your card, you can still do it. You have 1 year after activation date to do this. - If you are late on one payment only, banks MAY give the late fee back! - Fractional payments and all flight miles are accurate as well. Using a foreign currency above the minimum limit is NOT misleading and they will not kind an error. - I asked if I can apply for the credit line increase by myself and he said no, I

- Stephie Timi

No need to get to the bank to get an ATM card or a new card. The Citi Cards Support app gives you instant access to your accounts anytime, anywhere. Use the app to conveniently access your Citi Cards credit card accounts, whenever you want. After just downloading and signing into the app, you can— • View recent transactions • Track rewards and balances • Pay your credit card bill • Locate nearby ATMs and financial centers

- Cynthy Vivyan

Citi Cards Credit Card Support Contact Citi Cards directly at 1-800-685-7289 to speak with a customer service representative or visit the Citi Cards support website for additional support.

- Henriette Misti

I was having some billing issues on my Citi credit card. I've tried calling the hotline listed on their website, but it just kept ringing. I want to reach them to make sure that my payment is made in time. But I keep getting directed to a wrong number. And since I have changed my phone, I don't know their new hotline numbers. Please help me get in touch with them and resolve the billing issues.

- Ivie Jordain

I have been a VISA customer for over 27 years. I am also a proud owner of 4 Citi Cards. This letter is to inform you about how I feel about the "new and improved" Citi Cards and why I decided to leave

- Kacie Iseabal

I want to reach a representative in card member services. I know you’re sick of hearing this, but I am tired of paying $30 every time I go to the doctor. I’ve been on hold for over an hour now, and had to listen to the same pre-recorded message 10 times before getting disconnected. If you can’t fix this issue, please give me the number for another department so that I can complain there!”

- Celeste Sallyanne

Our exceptional customer service team is ready to assist you. Call 1-855-873-4211 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about Citi credit cards, checking, mortgages, savings and more.

- Anna-diane Darya

I want to reach Citi Cards support to replace my bank card.

- Em Giulia

You can get in touch with Citi Cards using the phone number 1-888-201-5570. This is the only phone number available for Citi cards support and you can use it to reach them. Other numbers are simply the customer service numbers, which are not meant for getting in touch with Citi Cards. You can also use the customer service portal to get in touch with them.

- Mel Gus

You can reach Citi Cards’ customer service by telephone, fax, and email. To reach the telephone department use the number

- Minne Raf

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of shuttling between multiple cards for every purchase, and carrying around a bulky wallet. With one card from Citi Cards, you can keep track of your spending in real-time. Purchasing power is at your fingertips with a 360° swipeless design that lets you pay anywhere contactless is accepted.

- Hedvige Aggi

Contact Citi Card Servicing to discuss your specific circumstances and options.

- Margaux Dorella