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Reasons other customers are calling Dean Foods

I am calling Dean Foods customer support to request that they send me a replacement coupon for the Folgers Coffee I purchased hopefully this is not too much to ask, and oh by the way can you tell me were your corporate headquarters located.

- Fidelia Viole

I am calling Dean Foods customer support to correct an expiration date error in delivery of my purchased milk. Please transfer me to customer service.

- Dolli Piper

You are calling Dean Foods customer support to discuss a potential issue with the expiration of your milk. Once you have an associate on the line, you wish to provide the following information: Dean Foods has an EZ pay automatic milk delivery service that automatically refills your fridge with milk every week. You ordered this service one week prior, as this was a convenient option for you, but when you checked your fridge and realized that it was empty. While perusing over your billing statement, it is evident that the company filled your fridge with milk, and you were charged $5 for each gallon of milk you received. Now that my

- Lanni Lilly

"I am calling Dean Foods customer support for this issue, please transfer my call now."

- Jacquette Conny

I am calling Dean Foods customer service . This is a list of the problems I have and how long ive been on hold. __________ *insert number in () here* hours `dean foods`

- Cass Cammi

I called Dean Foods customer support to check on the status of my order. The rep on the line was a little vague. I didn't know what was going on with my order, and she wasn't giving out any information, nor did she sound very knowledgeable about her product and service. I ended up calling multiple times to get the information that I first requested on my check-in call. Each time that I called back, the representative on the phone seemed irritated with me. On top of this, the representative kept telling me that I had been given incorrect information from the operator earlier. The representative was rude and when I

- Aila Marie

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received today from Dean Foods customer service. The issue that I was calling about was handled quickly and was exactly what I had requested. Customer service in the US is not always good, but your team did a great job. I will be calling you again!'''...I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service''` Just wanted to follow-up with a note of thanks. The girls who installed my new equipment did an excellent job, were very knowledgeable, got it done promptly, and were very friendly and courteous. They are

- Nickie Roxana

I want to reach Dean Foods support to resolve my issue. I have called them many times and gotten no help at all. They did not send me the statement that they were supposed to send in a timely manner so that I could include it in my income tax statement, which is now past due and I am worried that I will never be able to file if they do not help me out with this. Please see to it that I get whatever contact information for whoever needs to talk with me in order to resolve this problem, because even the 1-800 number for help did not work for me. It just repeats over and

- Jennie Clari

I want to reach Dean Foods support to resolve a milk product question.

- Erminie Lenore

This software enables you to connect with Dean Foods support using just a click of your mouse. It adds an entry into the address bar of your browser that allows you to open your web browser right to the phone number or website support page that you need.

- Ricca Kass

If you have a personal or work request for Dean Foods, our new virtual receptionist is ready to assist you. She will quickly connect you to the right support person on your first try, regardless of business hours. Whether you need a product recipe, help with an event or want to share positive feedback about one of our brands, we want the right person to help you quickly and easily. All queries are directed to live assistance over your call—no messages left with the receptionist!

- Hana Sarine

Customer service is a top priority at Dean Foods, whether you're in the office or on the road. With our GlobalWeb contact center transformation, we are committed to providing better customer service than any other corporation in the food industry. In fact, our CEO will even be answering your calls on a regular basis.

- Bobbette Kali

Dear Dean Foods Customer:

- Ingaborg Dianna

Our product specialists are available between 8 am and 5 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. 1-800-922-3235 1-469-865-7700 (fax) Online support Chat with a live representative at Sorry, but this site does not qualify for support services provided by the company. """ Login to your account Order number is out of date Under review No orders found for this customer number Search cart is empty "" Users' Guide PDF for help

- Enrichetta Olivette

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  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.