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Reasons other customers are calling IBM

I am calling IBM customer support to ask for help. And that's where IT Pros like you come in. You're the ones who can fix any problem I might have with a solution delivered by IBM with speed, efficiency, and a friendly "green screen" attitude. You do it all day every day - and that's what makes you so special...

- Ileana Glynnis

I am calling IBM customer support to find out why my PC did not arrive on time. I have ordered from them many times before but this time there was a delay and I was not notified of the order status or arrival dates. I will contact IBM and let them know that this is unacceptable, they should have called me and told me up front what the deal was not just let it fall off my radar. Thankfully the people are nice at IBM and they will do all they can to make things right with me or get me a proper refund."

- Colette Maridel

Let the record reflect that I am calling IBM customer support to report that the IBM Thinkpad 1400 laptop computer keyboard keys are in fact made out of plastic, not silver. I have been at this for fifteen minutes and would like to speak with someone who speaks English as their primary language, if such a person exists. Thank you.''

- Tamarra Blancha

Hi, my name is John Smith. I am calling IBM customer support to report a serious security hole in my ThinkPad laptop. I know for a fact that the computer has a password XXXXXX. The problem is that I left it on my bed when I went out this morning and my maid may have stolen it, or anyone else that came into contact with it. What's worse is that I don't think there are any physical signs that would show an attempt at breaking in because the laptop was still locked when I left it.

- Devinne Jacki

My name is Dora and I am calling IBM customer support on behalf of my mom, who has been a loyal customer for a long time. She has recently bought an IBM laptop from Best Buy and she has recently been having some problems with the mouse pad. In today's call, I will be reporting the status of the below service request to the IBM support representative: (

- Nancey Shena

I'm calling IBM to fix my computer. After

- Manon Ruth

When you call customer support for help with your IBM PC or printer, you will be connected to a Matter-Space-Time Bridge—lowering your Call Wait Time.

- Ericha Georgia

I want to reach IBM support to help me with an issue. Where can I get IBM support?`

- Viole Jamie

To reach IBM support, call 1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378). If you are outside the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands, call your local IBM representative.

- Micheline Codee

Any IBM enterprise product can be reached 24x7 with one number and this support service includes phone, chat, or email access to our IBM support team.

- Rhea Vilma

Call IBM Support to speak with a support expert who can assist you with all of the feature-rich software, hardware, servers and services offered by IBM. Our team guarantees technical support and service availability to meet your business objectives, regardless of complexity. We offer fast, flexible solutions when you need them most�at any time.

- Krystle Jane

IBM Support offers a variety of support services for IBM clients. And they can help you understand the broad range of offerings available and select the one that best meets your needs. IBM Support is up to date on technical changes, so your consultancy process is short, efficient and up to date. You are not alone. IBM Support is here for you with phone services and web-based self-support solutions to help. Know more about our support; please visit :

- Genevra Emogene

What do you do when you need help? With our 24×7 support Knowledge Articles and forums, we have the tools you need to solve many common problems on your own, or find someone who can help. And if that doesn't do the trick, we've got you covered with chat/e-mail and phone options. Choose the way you want to contact IBM.' The new IBM System x3100 M4 servers

- Joya Matty

Share your screen with technical support. Whether you need help with printer setup, troubleshooting an application issue, reporting a problem with your mouse or keyboard, or want to share a word document on demand, IBM Screen Sharing Lite for Remote Support enables you to share computer screens during call and meet face to face virtually anytime and anywhere.

- Olia Mavra

How does this service work?
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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.