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Erie Insurance Group Customer Service
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Reasons other customers are calling Erie Insurance Group

Let me transfer your call. I am calling Erie Insurance Group customer support to cancel my home and auto insurance policies for multiple reasons. After this call, my wife and I will be switching to your company's competitors for our home and auto coverage.

- Viola Holly-anne

Hello, I'm calling about Erie Insurance Group customer support. I would like to be able to speak to a Live Person or left on hold for hours and hours and weeks after I've given all my personal information to the recording. I am very displeased with Erie Insurance Group's customer support. Erie Insurance Group has made me feel that it really has my best interests at heart, but in reality I don't know who these people are and what they're doing with my social security number.

- Danette Dixie

In May of 2015, I had a water pipe back up in my home. I called Erie Insurance group customer support to replace my carpeting and fix a hole in the wall. They sent a repairman, who was very professional. The repair was done in a timely manner and I was satisfied.

- Lucila Iolande

Place the phone on speaker, set your smartphone or tablet next to it, and follow along with the Erie Insurance Group representative’s instructions. This interactive call simulator is designed to replicate what a customer support experience might look like using text-to-speech and your Android device.

- Brooks Christiana

My name is Lars, and I'm calling because my car was recently in an accident. I know the Erie Insurance Group policy that will best cover my needs?

- Emalia Daveen

Open your door to world-class support. As a new customer, my agent will be assigned to me personally. Together we’ll consider how coverage can work best for you, and then find a policy that meets your needs. And as an Erie Insurance customer, you’ll get access to the most complete tools and resources available anywhere in the country. provides you with listings of local agents who are hand-picked by our very own underwriters and provide the highest level of service possible; More Than Your Agent is a free website that helps you make smart insurance decisions; and Erieco

- Tedra Tommy

This automated menu will allow you to speak with an Erie Insurance agent. Press one for the Property and Casualty department, press two for Life and Health, or press three for any other department. If you wish to continue in the automated menu, please select one or two…

- Steffi Lonnie

I want to reach Erie Insurance Group support to sign my new insurance policy. I heard it is easy and fast in the website, so here I am. Would you please take me to that page?

- Toinette Brynn

You want to get in touch with Erie Insurance Group, the insurance company that's been there for you when the unexpected happens for nearly a century. To reach someone, call 1-800-437-3743. Or visit, where you can instantly purchase an auto policy and use our Home/Renters loss estimate tool. Whatever your personal insurance needs are--from auto to home and more—-you'll find the right support from us here at Erie Insurance Group. The real experts on life…when it counts.

- Orsola Nerita

At Erie Insurance Group we`re committed to being the number one, most responsive property and casualty insurer in the region. Whether you are calling on a claim, looking for more information on an existing policy, or simply have some questions about how we can protect your financial future with the right coverage, you can trust that reaching out to us will be a smooth experience.

- Brynn Vita

24 Hour support available after you sign up for I want to reach Now. You can reach us through chat, e-mail and telephone. We’re here 24/7, 365 days a year. To reach an agent during these hours, you can use our chat feature on Follow the steps below to get started: Register or Login at Comparing Future House

- Elianore Catharine

Reach our support staff, whenever and wherever you are. With our app, you can search for a coverage, open a claim or chat directly with one of our agents. Get fast answers to your questions and fix it with ERIE!

- Biddy Kristin

Find an Erie Insurance Agent near you, or call us at 1-877-934-7701 to speak with an Erie agent. Go to

- Neile Gill

II I F you're a new Erie customer, you will be asked for your information when you reach the next agent in our IV I conversation. This information is stored in your account so IV I that you will not need to give it again. However, if for IV I any reason you forget your user ID or password—or have never received it—call IV I I & enter your policy number as the reference number. II After entering this information, press the zero key once and then III press the pound (#) key. You will then be given the option to enter

- Easter Lila