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Reasons other customers are calling Enbridge

I am calling Enbridge customer support to ask them how long it will be until I see service restored, and will report back when I find out.

- Robinett Constantia

I am calling Enbridge customer support. This person is a customer of Enbridge Gas Distribution, the gas and energy delivery division of Enbridge Inc. In Ontario, Enbridge distributes natural gas to 2.5 million customers across the province. Enbridge gas is brought into your community through locally owned and operated businesses including small independents, municipal utilities, First Nation communities and large investor-owned utilities.

- Ester Rita

I am calling Enbridge to inquire about billing. Enbridge customer support is for services such as account information, emergency road services, reporting water damage, natural gas or propane delivery scheduling, etc.

- Lois Atlanta

The I was built for consumers calling Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. Consumer Services department for information regarding their utility bill and to provide assistance in resolving any customer service issues.

- Maddalena Laurella

The Enbridge 1-888 number connects you directly to an Enbridge Customer Support Representative. We are a proud supporter of this great cause, and invite you to join us.

- Pooh Lise

Whatever your reason for calling Enbridge support, the company has made it pretty easy to find the right contact. On the Canadian website, call centre employees are listed in several different locations across Canada and the USA. To keep with their consistent branding, each one is given a unique colour. Red represents Quebec, blue is Ontario, yellow for Alberta, orange is British Columbia and green is for the USA. Each one also includes a picture of where they work so you don’t have to go hunting around for it.

- Nat Marys

So you can easily reach us, Enbridge has a dedicated 24-hour customer support team that you can call at any time. To speak with the team, simply dial toll free 1-800-751-7529. From outside of Canada/USA please call +1 (587) 290-7529. Our friendly support representatives will be ready to assist you.

- Rosemonde Phylis

I want to reach Enbridge support to speak with a representative . *

- Anna-maria Rora

...I want to reach Enbridge support to discuss

- Karylin Florrie

I want to reach Enbridge support to provide my comments and concerns with Enbridge Gas Inc. I am experiencing an almost daily interruption in my gas service due to Enbridge’s equipment failing and causing pipeline failures. I have had this type of service interruption at least once a week for several years and sometimes several times in one day. In the past two weeks alone, there have been four service interruptions lasting up to 24 hours each time. My home has also been damaged by Enbridge’s recurring line breaks and the associated loss of gas flow. The leaks have dripped on our home causing extensive damage,

- Olly Doralia

I want to reach Enbridge support to (specifically) ask for: an explanation of the policy regarding gas leak reports, including what data and evidence supports the policy; information about whether it is possible to receive updates about gas leaks or active check-ups in the area, including how that might be requested; clarification of what measures are supposed to be taken when there is a gas leak; whether there is a cohesive emergency response plan in place for a possible explosion.

- Wilma Maryanne

When signing up for a new account with Enbridge, they require you to select one of their customer support channels (service link, email or Live Chat). When you click on the 'chat' button. I want them to be taken to this form so that it looks like they are entering our company network.

- Meta Joycelin

When you contact Enbridge in a moment of need, you want to know we’re there for you. That’s why we’ve brought together all the ways to reach us into one simple web portal—it’s just like talking face-to-face with our customer service team. Whether you need to report a gas leak, find out when your power will be restored, or call your local representative, talk to us is a portal to help you get in touch with the right Enbridge representative.

- Gwynne Merna

Get fast answers with the ease of an email. Reach Enbridge Customer Support, 24 hours a day, weekdays and weekends, through our simplified online chat feature. Access help via chatting from the comfort of your home or office PC or even your mobile device. This is a great option for those customers who would like to request gas delivery information and schedule or cancel deliveries without the need for a phone call.

- Cherye Cassi

How does this service work?
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  2. After going through the company's phone menu system you can hang up and go on with your day.
  3. We keep the line open on our end waiting for a customer service rep to answer. We'll then call you back.